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Posted by Michael Whitehall on January 28th, 2023

Based on the BD-700 design, Bombardier of Canada manufactures the twin-engine business jet known as the Global 5500. The Global 5500 is built on the same BD-700-1A11 variation as the Global 5000 and is a part of the company's Global series of business jets, which are based on the BD-700-1A10, -1A11, and -2A12 variants. It also features new Rolls-Royce engines and a wing with a "completely re-profiled trailing edge." The Bombardier Global 5500, which was introduced on May 27, 2018, flew for the first time in July of that year, and Transport Canada approved it on August 26, 2019.

Did You Know?

A typical configuration for the Global 5500 seats 13 passengers but that can be changed according to customer preference with the maximum capacity being 16 passengers.

The expansive living areas of the Global 5500 aircraft are where form and function come together in a magnificent environment. The most recent technology keeps you engaged and connected, while new, creative seating provides the comfort you expect from a cabin designed with you in mind. In the cabin, which is divided between a shared space and a private room in the back of the aircraft, sixteen people can sit comfortably. The interior of the jet is more open, with fewer barriers separating the living areas. However, each plane can be customized to the owner's preferences.

Benefits of Owning a Bombardier Global 5500

  • Large cabin area
  • Comfort at the forefront
  • Appetizing by design
  • 4K takes flight
  • Passengers get privacy
  • Conference by day. Dine by night.
  • Nuage seats available
  • A revolutionary architecture

Mission and Performance

The BD-700-1A11 has a maximum operating altitude (MA) of 51,000 ft, with the latter specification being lowered to 13,700 ft for takeoff and landing. Additionally, it has a maximum operating limit speed (MMO) of 0.90 Mach between 30,850 ft and 36,313 ft. The initial cruise altitude is capped at 41,000 feet assuming an airframe operated at maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). The high-speed and normal cruise speeds are 0.88 Mach and 0.85 Mach, respectively, in addition to the aforementioned MMO.

All in all, this was a quick overview on Bombardier Global 5500 and its features. If you would like to learn more about aircraft models and private jets, feel free to visit Compare Private Planes and filter by range, passenger capacity, and price.

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