Importance of Vaccination for Pets

Posted by TeenaSekhon on January 29th, 2023

Pet Vaccination we do understand is key to their health and future. 
According to WSAVA, a global organization of veterinarians, vaccines are classified as core vaccines  which are to be given to all dogs and cats irrespective of their geographic location or circumstance. Second type are non-core vaccines which are given to animals depending on their geographic location or lifestyle based, in case they were to pose a risk of health. When a vet checks an animal they check for all , the basic and also if any medical condition exists or possible symptom shows a risk.
But did you know that timelines and efficacy play a major role in how the vaccine impacts and safeguards your pet’s health. As a pet parent when we prepare to get a pet home, we must pre consult a vet to understand what it entails in terms of responsibilities and be most ready for this new life. When you bring home a puppy depending on their age it is advised to prevent socialising till the end of the vaccination cycle, a vet would be in a best position to advise on the same. 
Choosing a correct hospital/vet is key to ensure that your pet gets the best. A good hospital always has a process where they store these vaccines as per guidelines, also are tied up with channels that ensure the temperatures are maintained so that vaccines aren’t impacted negatively. One such veterinary hospital Delhi NCR can be completely trusted is DCC Animal Hospital since they are a global chain of veterinary hospitals and maintain high standards in terms of quality. 
Expiry of vaccinations also makes a difference to how they impact and usually when we walk into a medical center we assume a check would have been done and don’t check for the same. It is therefore go to a trusted place like DCC pet clinic Gurgaon and south Delhi pet clinic where complete transparency on all matters is maintained and a DCC passport is given to you to keep track of all vaccinations and dates so that while you can access digitised records on their app, DCC PetConnect , you have a physical reckoner too.
Also it is imperative to stick with the cycle of vaccinations and boosters as advised by the doctor to make sure no dose is missed or delayed. Vaccination cycles and plans are defined by the vet depending on breed and growth stage so regular health check-ups and reminders on dates really helps maintain consistency. A break in the cycle can pose a risk. With the above in mind, efficacy will not be something to worry about. If you’re at DCC, their app DCC PetConnect which is unique app, it can be for maintaining medical records of your pet and that app also sends you reminder of various vaccine dates so that you don’t miss one. 
If you’re aware and conscious of these facts, efficacy will be good and there would be a genuine protection that these vaccines will provide to your pet under the supervision of best vet in Gurgaon.
People who have dog as pet at home should consult a veterinary doctor at DCC Animal hospital which is also popular as dog hospital Delhi for they offer every type of care services related to dog. 

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