The Ultimate Guide to Put an End to Dog Chewing Issues

Posted by Sujit BIswal on January 30th, 2023

Frustration with a dog's chewing habits is common among pet owners. But with the right training and patience, you can help your pup learn proper behavior and accept new rules. Here are some tips to stop your dog from chewing on things they shouldn't.

Identify the Cause of the Chewing Behavior.

Understanding why your dog is chewing on things can help you better address the problem and create strategies to stop them. Common causes of chewing problems include teething, separation anxiety, unexercised energy, boredom, stress, diet deficiencies, and more. If you can identify the underlying cause of your pup's undesirable behavior, it's easier to develop an effective solution.

Keep Your Dog in a Safe, Secure Space.

Keeping your dog in a safe and secure area will help to keep them away from potential items they may try to chew. Consider using a dog play pen for smaller dogs, or install baby gates in order to limit the space your pup is allowed to move around in. If leaving your pet at home, be sure that all potentially dangerous items have been removed from the environment, such as shoes, phone chargers, and more.

Avoid Punishments as an Anti-Chewing Solution.

Punishing your dog is not the ideal solution and may only lead to more behavioral issues in the long run. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement when teaching anti-chewing behaviors. If you catch your pup starting to chew on an item they shouldn’t, immediately tell them “no” or remove the item before they finish their behavior. Then offer them a better option such as a chew toy and reward them when they go for it instead.

Stimulate Your Dog Physically and Mentally With Toys and Activities

Besides addressing your pup’s chewing problems, it is important to stimulate your dog’s physical and mental health with activities. Make sure to provide them with plenty of chew toys and interactive toys that keep them entertained, not only providing them the chance to burn energy but also boosting their spiritual intelligence. Additionally, try out different types of activities such as agility training and swimming, which can greatly improve the bond between you and your canine companion.

Train “Leave It” to Make Puppy Stop Chewing Anything on Sight.

To make your pup adhere to the “leave it” command you should start with objects that have no value to them, such as a pen or a cardboard box. Whenever they reach for it or seem interested in it, tell them “leave it” in an assertive voice and keep repeating it until they obey. Then offer them a treat or toy of their own as a reward for following your orders. With this practice and enough patience and consistency, soon you will be able to take full control of your pup’s chewing habits.

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