Barriga: The focus of the expansion is the third

Posted by wang on January 30th, 2023

Barriga: The focus of the expansion is the third coming of the Burning Legion to Azeroth. These WOTLK Gold guys have tried to attack us twice and we've been able to defeat them before. This leads us to the first big new feature I'm so over the moon about, which is Demon Hunters. Demon Hunters is the Special Forces branch of the Elfs, if you can call them that, they were the Demon Hunters. The most powerful. The only thing they were trained for was finding and eliminating demons.

Unfortunately, some of their tactics were misunderstood their fellow brethren. They were outlawed and thrown into prison. You play as one of the Illidan's followers. When the Legion is back, it's like, "Well, do we wish to risk it against these rebellious Demon Hunters or do we simply want to admit defeat?" The heroes decide to take the bullet , and allow the so-called World of Warcraft out, and that's where Demon Hunters come in.

The Demon Hunter class represents a grey area for good guys

We discussed revisiting the concept about Demon Hunters, revisiting Illidan I was most excited because we would be able to tell the story we've not been able to tell before. If you didn't sympathize with Illidan, you understood what he was trying to convey. We feel like we want to shift the tone and change the direction 15 degrees, 20-degrees. However, we would like it to be respectful of the characters created. The players will see their return to Alturus, Akama, Illidan Maiev, and others. All characters that we sown the seeds of those stories years prior to Burning Crusade.

What kind of story will be structured how will the story be structured in Legion? Are there one linear campaign, or is the story's story broken up in some way?

Nervig: Each zone is a their own unique storyline.

Saint-Michel: Further of the all-encompassing storyline takes place in your Class Halls so there's no way to miss any of cheap WOTLK Gold the story's overarching narrative. In general it's an enjoyable experience for [people who play a many different charactersfor a variety of characters. You can start in the same zone with the same character, and switch to another zone for another, and you can see each of the stories inside these zones. But the main story still being told in the Class Order Halls.

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