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Posted by dimisor on January 30th, 2023

If you have a primitive technology or survivalist's mindset, then you've probably heard about the YouTube channel of John Plant. His videos offer a unique perspective on how to survive in the wilderness. With his videos, you can watch him build tools, shelters, and even more.

John Plant's net worth from Youtube is about 0,000

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John Plant's videos have been staged

If you are a fan of survivalists and DIY projects, you might be familiar with the Primitive Technology YouTube channel. Created in May 2015, this channel is run by Australian John Plant. He makes videos that show him building primitive tools and structures using a variety of natural materials. His videos have been viewed millions of times and have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue.

Although the creator of the Primitive Technology YouTube channel remained anonymous for the first two years of its existence, he has since revealed his name to the public. Now, Plant is a renowned television personality and has landed a book deal for his videos. As for his personal life, he lives a normal life outside of the cameras.

Before launching his YouTube channel, Plant worked for several years in the insurance industry. But his passion for building things out of nature took over. When he was 11 years old, he began building structures for himself. By the time he was 18, he could make fire from sticks and leaves and use a machete to chop wood.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Plant went to work for the Diederich Group. Later, he was a soil tester and a powder coatings expert. However, his true calling came when he began to build shelters from natural resources. This led him to leave the 9-to-5 world behind and focus on building primitive dwellings. In the process, he learned how to build tools, weapons, and other structures from simple

Today, Plant's Primitive Tech YouTube channel is one of the largest players in the cave dweller niche, receiving hundreds of millions of views. Among his fans are hipsters, survivalists, and woodworkers. The Primitive Tech YouTube channel has grown into a profitable channel, earning more than US0,000 a year in advertising revenue.

While the creator of the Primitive Technology YouTube Channel has been anonymous for the first two years of its existence, his true identity has been revealed in the last few months. A Facebook post reveals the full name of the person behind the YouTube channel. With this information, fans of the videos have a clearer idea of who they are watching.

The Primitive Technology YouTube channel is not only popular for its videos, but for its followers. There are thousands of subscribers who follow the channel daily. It also reaches a high audience score, with an increase of 34% over the last three months. Many fans find that Plant's videos are relaxing and soothing, with no distracting features. They are also able to generate an ASMR response.

Since launching his Primitive Technology YouTube channel, Plant has received over one billion views. His videos have also been awarded numerous accolades.
John Plant's YouTube channel is a survivalist's guide to building tools, shelters, and more in the wild

If you're interested in learning how to build tools, shelters and more in the wild, you'll want to check out the Primitive Technology channel on YouTube. Owner John Plant builds structures and tools from the natural world and shares his methods on the popular channel.

The channel is run by an Australian man who uses natural materials in his construction projects. Videos are usually accompanied by ambient sound, with no narration, stock music or other nonsense. Some videos focus on a single project, while others cover a wide variety. They include everything from making clay bricks to building a wattle-and-daub hut.

In his book, Plant introduces readers to primitive tools and techniques, as well as more advanced ideas like constructing an updraft kiln and a pyramidal hut. He also gives step-by-step instructions for a number of complex projects. For instance, he describes how to use clay pots to carry water from a stream, and how to use mud to insulate the walls of a shelter.

He even makes mention of the fact that there are substitutions for some of the things he demonstrates. For example, he tells viewers that they can use clay blocks instead of wood in the construction of a wattle-and-daub house. Another trick he teaches is how to make a forge blower, which is a device used to fan fires.

As of September 2018, the Primitive Technology channel had 8 million subscribers and over 350 million views. There's a Patreon page for supporters who contribute over 00 per video. This helps keep the channel alive, and it provides access to exclusive content. It's not hard to see why so many people are fascinated by the process of building things in the wild.

Unlike the Primitive Technology channel, a book from John Plant is more focused on bushcraft and other practical skills. It's an introduction to the basic concepts behind primitive technology, including a list of materials you will need, metric measurements and a brief description of how to do some of the more interesting tasks featured in his videos.

Aside from showing viewers how to build objects from nature, the Primitive Technology channel also has a daily digest of the latest gadget news. Whether you're interested in a primitive hand axe, a water-powered hammer or a bow drill, the Primitive Technology book will show you how.

While the Primitive Technology book is not as informative as the YouTube channel, it's still a great resource for people who are curious about the process of constructing primitive structures in the wilderness. Even though there aren't as many videos as you'd expect, Plant keeps his followers up to date with new information about his progress. His videos are fun and entertaining to watch, and the information provided is well-organized and straightforward.

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