Cold rooms: how to choose the right one

Posted by SEO Digital Team on January 30th, 2023

If you own a restaurant business or one focused on the administration of food and beverages, certainly a cold room is among your equipment. This family of professional machines includes a large variety of appliances of variable dimensions and characteristics. Temperature variations can also differ, even quite a lot, from one type of cell to another. Considering that a medium-sized cold room can cost even several thousand Euros, it becomes necessary to minimize - if not eliminate - the margin of error when preparing to buy a new cold room.

Cold rooms: dimensions, consumption, and needs

Several parameters can and must guide the choice of a cold room. Among the main ones, explore the following.


The closely related aspects, in turn, depend on the size of the rooms used to house the machines and the storage needs of your business. Keep these two parameters in mind when choosing. If you already have a cold room but it is not working properly, then don’t worry; just rely on professional Logan Cold Room Repairs.

Electricity consumption

A cold room runs on electricity, transforming the energy coming from the electricity grid into temperature variations and stabilizations, generally with the aid of a refrigerant liquid that flows through special coils. Therefore, the electrical requirement of such a machine - generally very high - must be carefully evaluated. Keep in mind that electricity consumption varies not only due to the size of the cell but also to the type of performance: therefore, the higher the variation in temperature required concerning the external environment, the greater the energy requirement of the machine.

Type of food to be preserved

Not all foods are the same, and not all have the same storage needs. Fresh meat and fish, for example, require a temperature close to zero (between +3 and +7 degrees), while fruit and vegetables require stabilization of a few degrees higher (roughly around +10° or slightly superior). Lastly, the conservation protocol provides for sweets and pastry products to be stabilized at +4°; the same goes for all egg and/or milk-based products, from yogurt to fresh pasta.

Do you need to move the cold room? You can find many solutions online for Mobile Cold Rooms Brisbane at the best pricesIf you think these suggestions have been useful to you, you can start looking for your new cold room among the many catalogues available online. However, remember that, for any doubt or specific request, it is always good not to go blindly but to contact professional Cold Room Builder Brisbane in the sector, who will surely be able to offer you all the answers you are looking for. 

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