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Posted by neha verma on June 29th, 2016

Hair transplant become the sole solution of major hair loss cases and has transformed life of millions of people all over the world. There are many good clinics available, even in India now we have good options for hair transplant. One can go for Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad where people are going from bald to beautiful in a matter of few visits to a hair transplant clinic.

Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad performs latest hair transplant procedures like FUT (Follicular Unit transplant) and FUE (Follicular unit extraction) with high success rate; they try to give a spectacularly natural looking ‘real’ hair to balding patients. The experienced and qualified surgeons deliver the best service with most suitable methodology according to the patient hair problem. In some of the cases, because it is in the hands of an expert cosmetic surgeon, the new hair look is even better than what the patients had before.

What Makes Them Specialist

The step by step process of diagnosis, looking every aspect carefully and thoroughly and then treatment procedure make them specialist in hair transplant. The hair transplant procedure is as follows:

  • Your hair transplant surgery begins with a thorough consultation with the surgeon.

  • First they seek the root cause of hair loss and examine your scalp and hair loss condition.

  • Check the density and quality of hair at the donor site.

  • What type of surgery you need that will be decided and scheduled after analyzing the situation of the hair loss.

  • You will be provided with preoperative instructions for better result and smooth surgery.

  • Surgery will be performed with least invasive method.

  • Post operative instruction and proper follow-up.

  • Consultation will be provided if any doubt or problem occurred before or after the transplant.

Performing a hair transplant procedure is a meticulous process that takes several hours to complete and should always be performed by a specialist surgeon, because if any expert is not available for the execution of each and every step of the treatment the process can be more painful and will yield low or zero restoration result. Hair transplant specialist is needed to ensure that the hair grafts from the donor site will yield the maximum growth rate at the balding area of your head.

Avenue clinic is one of the known names which offer all new technology in hair transplant procedure in Ahmedabad which will always be perform by experienced, skilled, and qualified hair specialist that too in a very affordable prices.

The success rate of hair transplant is usually rely on the quality, volume and density of your donor hair but who is performing the surgery is the most important key for proper hair restoration. If you are looking for hair transplant or any hair related problem, Schedule your free consultation with our Hair Specialist in Ahmedabad, get all your answers and enjoy a new head with hair!

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