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Posted by Elijah on February 3rd, 2023

This claim is made in internet marketing brochures when websites brag about the large number of daily visits they receive. The total number of times a page on your website has been seen is the number of page views. A single person must be involved for the whole twenty-four-hour duration of a page view to be considered unique. Unlike page view counts, เว็บมวย 12which are site-specific, unique page views are specific to visitors. Both provide analytical information about your search engine ranking and essential insights about visitor behaviour trends.


There is significant ambiguity surrounding this statement because it comes from server technology rather than from the art and science of visitor tracking and internet analytics. A "Hit" is the collective term for all information requests made of a hosting server. The number of hits on a page is influenced by the content density. If, for example, your home page has twenty-one items, your website hosting server will count the number of hits on the page as twenty-one. One word of advice It is advised to use this figure wisely and for what it is worth when implementing your internet marketing strategy in order to prevent being fooled by inflated hit statistics.

customer or source of referral

Referrer or referring link, often known as the visitor source, refers to a page that links to your website. By examining your referrers, you may see which sites are sending people to your website. One of these three regions produces the majority of visitors:

Referral data is a veritable gold mine of information because it clearly reveals the keywords or keyphrases that searchers are using to locate your website as well as the search engines that are sending you the traffic. This knowledge can be utilised to improve the effectiveness of current keywords, do more in-depth and concentrated keyword research, and submit your website to unlisted search engines and directories. Additionally, you may use this data to enhance the content of the web pages for better search engine results (SERs).

This helpful data can be utilised to identify a spybot's most recent indexing visit to your website. It is possible to map traffic patterns using this data, spot site abuse, and take corrective action.

Locational Details

Many hosted services and internet analytics packages provide this information using IP look-up technologies. They compile data on users' geographical locations and the times of day they visit your website. Use this data to adjust your marketing strategy, especially for regions of the world with lower-than-average website traffic.

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