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Posted by Danyking on June 30th, 2016

Hello, guys in WOW! Are you looking forward an adventure unlike any others? Now, Blizzard added a new NPC into World of Warcraft, the Maximillian of Northshire. He is one of the most eccentric people in all of Azeroth. Now, let Safewow, the best supplier of buying gold wow, guild you to get to the end of Maximillian's questline.

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Maximillian isn't a typical questgiver
You'll find Maximillian just north of Golakka Hot Springs in Un'Goro Crater, which is shown in the following map. But, Maximillian is not all there. Maximillian of Northshire also isn't a typical questgiver. He doesn't give you tasks to complete so much as wrap you up in his own personal vision of the odd happenings in Un'Goro Crater. He prefers to ultimately ask many more questions than they answer. So, you will never know anything about him even though you play through his story. Perhaps that's all just as well. However you feel about the truth, Maximillian of Northshire is great fun to have around.

location of maximallian

Find Maximillian of Northshire’s quests in Un’Goro Crater
In Un'Goro Crater, you’ll find 5 quests in Maximillian of Northshire, they are An Important Lesson, The Evil Dragons of Un'Goro Crater, Damsels Were Made to be Saved, The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs, and The Ballad of Maximillian. You could join in either Alliance faction or Horde faction to ride into the fray.

Quests Level Req. Exp.
An Important Lesson 54 51 3900
The Evil Dragons of Un'Goro Crater 54 51 7890
Damsels Were Made to be Saved 55 51 16340
The Spirits of Golakka Hot Springs 54 51 7890
The Ballad of Maximillian 54 51 7890

Get Toy Windmill and others as rewards
When you get to the end of Maximillian's brief questline, you'll get to choose from these wildly overpowered rewards: Toy Windmill, Maximillian's Shield, Sword of Northshire.

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