What To Choose Microsoft Office 2019 or 2021?

Posted by SoftwareDeals on February 8th, 2023

Microsoft has been helping its users in generative work for years. By releasing more valuable versions of systems and following the evolutions of Office suites, it reacts to all the needs of people worldwide. Therefore, it is one of the most excellent software sellers of our time. 

In the year 2022, Microsoft released another suite of awesome applications – Microsoft Office 2021. This product is a premium example of how software developers collaborate with users by collecting opinions and recommendations about their work. 

  • Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Student is an assortment of the most prosperous functions and tools known to some Microsoft Office 365 users. However, only some people want or can utilize the cloud, so the company chose to release a product perfect for all users. But is it the most helpful office suite? 

And does it surpass the famous MS Office 2019? If you are aiming for answers to these questions, continue reading this article about the leading Microsoft Office 2019 vs. 2021 comparison. 

What’s new?

Microsoft Office 2021 features numerous advancements and the latest tools to make your work more productive. The pack possesses flagship programs known by amply satisfied users worldwide. The application bundle is also unrestricted in three editions tailored to individual requirements: Home & Student, Home & Business, and Professional.


  • Home & Student version is a proven pack of critical applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Teams.

  • Furthermore, Home & Business adds Outlook, the considerable needed for regular email contact.

  • Users will receive the full content of the package in the Professional edition, which, in complement to the already mentioned applications, also contains Access and Publisher.

But let’s begin with the basics. MS Office 2021 was unleashed simultaneously with Windows 11, and both products complement each other and function together perfectly. However, the most noteworthy change is the new look of the app bundle from Microsoft. 

The interface is considered more engaging to the vision than in previous editions, the colors are slightly distracting, and their tones are lowered to more natural shades. Of course, you can consistently customize them as you, please! Additionally, the shape of the windows and the format of the most vital functions are much friendlier, making an intuitive working environment.

One more massive shift is the inclusion of Microsoft Teams in the Office suite. This trustworthy application has proven its worth during a global pandemic, evolving into a source of contact for millions of people. Its straightforward operation encouraged remote learning, work, or paying for free time together. 

It has become an indisputable must-have not only for professional users but everyone. In Office 2021, you will acquire it in each of the three editions, so there are no worries about losing contact with your coworkers or friends.

But that’s not all, as the individual app has also acquired new features that assemble your work more conveniently than ever. Discover the iconic Word with text projections to perform any innovative process faster and more satisfactorily. 

Do you operate with Excel? Office 2021 features unique dynamic arrays and tools for more useful searching or writing the most complex formulas in your project. 

There is also something for PowerPoint with the highest demands for their work. From now on, you can register any presentation – containing cursor movements or narration. And irreplaceable Outlook will solve every email in over 70 languages, so you can avoid communication obstacles.

How about Office?

Surprisingly, the distinctions between the two suites aren’t that enormous. You will find the exact applications in the older set as Office 2021 Professional but without MS Teams and OneNote. For some, it may be an intense difference, but if you utilize other messengers on your PC or smartphone and your creation does not need Teams – you can safely resign from Office 2021.

Modernizing Office 2019 Home and Student download to 2021 is also worth mentioning, as updating Office 2019 to 2021 is unbelievable, and each edition should be treated as a different product. However, the changes coming with MS 2021 could be more extreme, and office 2019 offered functions like translating text and habilitating handwriting or motion graphics for years. 

It is more than the minimum of exceptional features for most simple users. So if you do not need a perfect set of the most trendy tools and like to use the standard and proven Office 2019 – appreciate it as long as you desire.

What to pick?

MS Office 2019 vs. 2021 is the rationale for heated discussions. The conclusion, however, is evident – simply the individual needs. If you are a professional and require the most delinquent features and regular updates for education or work – select Office 2021. It is a promise of being always up-to-date and dwelling in touch. Specifically, if you’ve also purchased a Windows 11 license that will function perfectly with this particular app bundle.

However, if your work, study, or entertainment requirements do not need the most rebellious features, stick to the established Office 2019. It is still a unique suite of applications that works perfectly with any system – having Windows 11. 

Like Office 2021, this product is perfect for users who want to utilize something other than the cloud and value working offline. So by selecting the 2019 version, you can be infallible in safety, the comfort of work, and proven support in every innovative process.

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