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Posted by Liz Seyi on February 9th, 2023

The fact that you’ve landed on this blog post suggests that you might already be aware of the extensive selection of hold-up stockings we make available in the Zawzor online store. And as we have previously written about, they can be attractive and practical for many different reasons


Before we go any further, what exactly are hold-up stockings? Well, they can be described as stockings that come with an elasticated band at the top. The purpose of this band is to hold up the stockings when they are worn, without suspenders being needed. 

As gorgeous as the best hold-up stockings can undoubtedly look, though, not every wearer of these beautiful items necessarily gets the best out of them. So, let’s take a closer look at how you can impress in your own hold-ups, while minimising any hassle. 

First up – how can you get your hold-ups to hold up? 


Given that much of the point of hold-up stockings is that they are supposed to “hold up” themselves, it’s understandable if you feel frustrated at yours slipping down. 

The first piece of good news here is that it’s nearly always down to poor sizing. If you’re a ‘small’ and you purchase a ‘medium’ then the hold-ups are sure to end up as ankle scarves! Take a moment to consider the right size for you and it’s highly unlikely you’ll get any slippage. 

The second good piece of news is that simply knowing how to put on hold-up stockings properly will greatly help you to avoid them slipping down at all. 

When you are putting on your hold-ups, you should be aiming to roll them on, instead of pulling them on. You can do this by rolling them up and putting them on your toe, before unrolling them all the way to your thigh. Remember that pulling at your hold-up stockings could stretch the fabric, thereby causing sagging that could make the hold-ups likelier to slip down when worn. 

Other good tips here include to ensure your legs are kept dry – perhaps with the help of deodorant applied around the area where the ‘band’ of the hold-ups will sit – as well as to keep the hold-ups clean. The latter step will help to avoid sweat or body oils accumulating on the stockings that could make slippage more of a problem. 

In what circumstances should hold-up stockings be worn? 

You’ve probably already sensed that hold-ups aren’t the kind of thing designed as usual office wear. Indeed, their ‘sexy’ look tends to lend itself best to one-off special occasions such as romantic evenings out, although some women like to wear them for a ‘standard’ night out with their friends from time to time, if they are in the mood to make a bolder statement with their look. 

So, our advice here would be to avoid getting too “hung up” about when you should wear hold-ups. Nonetheless, you should still think carefully about the social context in which you might wear them, and whether you will be able to deal with them OK if you have problems with them slipping down. 

What items of clothing are best for wearing with hold-ups? 

Again, it’s hard to say there are many ‘hard-and-fast’ rules about exactly what you should wear with your hold-up stockings, especially these days when it might seem like “almost anything goes”. 

The most stylish hold-ups are certainly an eye-catcher, though. So, if you have an outfit that already looks good but could perhaps do with an injection of glamour or sexiness, this is the kind of circumstance in which you might consider adding hold-ups to your look. 

One thing you might be worried about here is exactly how much of your hold-up stockings will be on show, especially if you will be wearing them in a public setting. To test this out, put your outfit on – complete with hold-ups – sit down, and cross your legs. This will indicate how much of the stocking will be visible when you are sitting in a bar or restaurant, for example. 

As a general rule, you should be aiming for the top of the stocking to be covered when you are standing as well as when you are sitting. However, some women do like to have them at a length that leaves a bit of the top of the stocking on show when they are seated – and that’s a perfectly valid preference. 

Has all the above got your imagination racing about how you could embrace hold-up stockings as part of your aesthetic during 2023, and beyond? If so, there could hardly be a better place to shop for your next pair than ZawzorGet browsing our store now, and you are sure to find something well-suited for adding to your wardrobe or that of your beloved. 

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