This is by far the most important mechanic

Posted by lowes Emily on February 13th, 2023

To start off, Seto hops onto his circus ball, and several spotlights shine down on him briefly while he juggles before every player is suddenly frozen in place, and a sequence of keys pops up on the screen. There's a bar directly underneath these key inputs denoting how much time the player has left to finish typing the sequence in. Once time runs out, Seto summons a large circular red telegraph around him that will most likely insta-kill anyone hit by Lost Ark Gold. And, since players can't move if they fail to type this in time, it's basically a Wipe Attack. A few key things to note about this attack are:

It only uses the same keys that players use for their skills, AKA Q-W-E-R-A-S-D-F. The key inputs never form a word, just a random combination of these letters. Players can miss an input once or twice and still make it in time to avoid the Wipe attack no problem. While it usually happens during the second phase of the fight, Seto can use this attack just about anytime, so try and be ready for it at all times.

This is by far the most important mechanic to keep an eye out for, especially on the [Hard] variation of Aira's Oculus. Essentially, Seto can use this attack anytime after his first phase but only does it once per battle. While fighting Seto, he'll randomly summon red lightning down around him, and the text "The Bond of Love" should pop up above three of the four players who have just found themselves imprisoned. Then, Seto just stands still playing around while radiating these circles of pinkish energy while he waits for this mechanic to finish. During this time, the one player who wasn't Imprisoned needs to go around and use basic attacks or multi-hit abilities to free all their teammates.

After a short amount of time, red telegraphs appear underneath where these three allies are standing and one-shot them unless they're freed in time to move out of the way. Then after a couple more seconds, the one player who freed the rest of the time will suddenly find themselves Imprisoned. But, instead of a purple bar that drains based on a number of P2Pah Lost Ark, this one is actually based on damage done, so players should use their highest-damaging abilities to free their ally.

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