Biomass power generation industry

Posted by sosoher on June 30th, 2016

Arctic star thermal power network news: biomass power generation in 1970s, the world's oil crisis after the outbreak, Denmark began to actively develop clean renewable energy, vigorously promote the implementation of biomass power generation. Since 1990, biomass power has developed rapidly in many countries in Europe and America. China is a large agricultural country, biomass resources are very rich, a variety of crops every year to produce about 7 tons of straw, which can be used in about 4 tons, such as to be effective use, the development potential is very great. The use of biomass of alternatives to the large number of coal, oil and natural gas fuel production of electricity, can effectively reduce the dependence on fossil energy, the protection of national energy resources, also biomass power generation can also be driven around the income of the rural economy, and straw ash is good potassium can directly use or further processing for compound fertilizer, and so on. At present, the biomass power generation is divided into: direct combustion power generation, mixed fuel power generation, gasification power generation, biogas power generation and garbage power generation.
Problems and development prospects of biomass power generation
Problems of biomass power generation
The construction and operation status of biomass power plant can be seen, the main factors that restrict the development of biomass power industry in China are as follows.
Construction and operation cost is high. Biomass power plant cost per unit of 1 to yuan /kW/h, the cost of burning equipment is high. At the same time, due to the low energy density, the cost of pre processing, transportation and storage of biomass fuels is also very high. In addition, the effective tax rate of biomass power plant is 11%, while the traditional thermal power plant is about 6% ~ 8%, small hydropower about 3%.
Technical problems, biomass power generation complex fuel supply system and boiler combustion technology, which is completely different from the conventional thermal power units, biomass power generation, boiler and other auxiliary equipment have achieved localization, but biomass of pre processing and feeding system, there are still problems, of soft straw and wheat straw stalk crushing uneven more serious, often cause to the problem of feeding system. And directly affect the operation of biomass power plant. At present, the number of operating hours of the equipment is too short, mainly on the fuel handling system (fuel quality factor is mostly) and combustion equipment is not high degree of maturity factors.
The development of biomass power generation project is relatively late, the technology is not perfect, how to choose the feasible technological process according to different fuel composition is related to the stable and reliable operation of the project after the completion of the project. In order to adapt to the present situation of the same biomass boiler in our country, we must burn a variety of straw.
Policy issues, although existing laws and policies have provided a favorable environment for biomass power generation, but these incentives and measures are not enough. The government's subsidies for the electricity price of biomass power generation are based on the desulfurization of coal, while the biomass fuels and coal are different, and the policy is not reasonable. Biomass power plant operation 15 years later, no longer enjoy subsidies. And in 2010 after the renewable energy power plants to enjoy the subsidy decreasing year by year 2%. In addition, due to the "Kyoto Protocol" on the greenhouse gas only provides for the 2012 emission reduction targets, CDM biomass power generation projects can only be included in the sales in 2012, the impact of benefits.

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