The Abc?s Of Owning A Business Credit Card

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Small and large business owners alike will find numerous advantages in making use of a business credit card. If you don?t own one yet, it?s definitely time to seriously consider this option.

Advantages of Using a Business Credit Card

Validate Spending ? In pre-business credit card days, you?re forced to continually accept your employees? excuses of losing receipts et al at face value but that?s definitely not the case anymore. With business credit cards, you can easily keep track of your employees? spending and make sure that whatever they spend are indeed for the company and not personal use.

Itemized Spending ? Instead of having to manually keep track of all your expenses, you can simply use your credit card every time you spend for business purposes then use the monthly credit card statement to provide details for your accountant.

Safety and Convenience ? Credit cards are safer and more convenient to use when you have to spend large amounts of money. It will also enable you to snap up opportunities that come your way instantly instead of having to wait for the bank to provide you with the amount of money you need.

Tips on Applying for a Business Credit Card

Prepare all the important papers and licenses that prove the legitimacy of your business operation. If your business has its own account, obtain copies of your account?s statement and submit this to the credit card company as well. The application process will be even more shortened if the bank you?re applying for a credit card at is also the same bank that?s holding your account.

Make sure that neither you nor your employees ? or at least those who will be given supplementary credit cards ? are troubled with bad credit. A credit card company will naturally feel more at ease in approving business card applications if its cardholders are all supported with positive credit scores.

If you are frequently making use of the services of a particular company or shop, do check the rewards and affiliates offered by credit card companies and then choose the one which will help you save money the most.

If you don?t need to make use of multiple credit cards then don?t apply for more than two credit cards. Having too many credit card applications will reflect badly on the credit reputation of your business and your personal standing as well.

Tips on Managing a Business Credit Card

Always give your employees a lower credit limit than yours. Even if they?re trustworthy, why give them the chance to fall for temptation and cheat you out of your money? Provide your employees with a definite set of rules and regulations when it comes to the use of their company credit cards. Leave nothing to chance or speculation!

Always keep in mind that what you?re holding on your hands is a business credit card and should therefore be used for business purposes only. Using your business credit card for personal spending even once might be more than enough to create legal and taxation problems for you and your business.

Always pay on time. This will create a favorable impression for your company and might even make you a recipient of privileges and benefits that aren?t offered to all credit card holders. It will also improve your credit score and allow you to enjoy a higher credit limit or borrow more money from your creditors.

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