Playing Your Best Golf Begins With a Calm Mind

Posted by Golf Lounge on February 13th, 2023

It is a fact of our lives that from the tiniest, simplest thing we do to the most complex, we always do better if we have calmed our minds beforehand. Worry or uncertainty creates tension in the mind which becomes tension in the body, preventing us from performing our best.

Consider a 7-iron from a level lie into a wide-open green. Your mind will show you one of two pictures. One picture is of your ball missing the green in a place where it will take a miracle to get up and down. Or of you hitting it fat and the ball never gets to the green. Or of any of a number of scenarios that you can make up, all of which have you visualizing failure.

We know we shouldn't have things like this in mind, but we do anyway. It seems that we can't help it, and besides, those things have happened before, so it's not like we're inventing anything.

The second picture your mind can show you is the ball taking off and landing where you wanted it to, where it would do the most good, where you are entirely capable of hitting it.

If your mind is truly calm, the second picture is the only one you'll see. If you mind is not calm, the first picture is the only one you'll see. Let's go into this a bit more.

So far, you haven't hit the golf ball. It's still sitting there and you're thinking about the shot. Everything that exists regarding that shot exists in your mind at this point, and whatever you're thinking exists as you caused it to be are present. Your thinking will not result from someplace else and also terrain in your mind. Almost everything which is in your mind’s what you add right now there.

You could point out; these kinds of unfavorable benefits are usually opportunities, so they really must be regarded, also. Possibly that we may well overlook saving money and also result in any sand. Correct. Additionally it is feasible for a tiny fowl will certainly terrain around the environmentally friendly, get about to get a tad, next disappear once more. How come that? It doesn't have have almost anything to carry out with the entire photo you are about to struck.

This is the trick. None can punch the ball in to the sand. The thing which includes regarding the particular photo you're intending will be, properly, the particular photo you're intending.

Your head qualified prospects our bodies. If the thoughts are peaceful, it's going to notice merely the photo you would like to struck and also direct our bodies directly into reaching in which photo. My partner and I ensure that.

Now how for your requirements get yourself a peaceful brain around the greens? With a peaceful brain inside whatever you carry out off of the training course. You might have a single brain, not necessarily a couple of.

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