How students can effectively study for AMC 8

Posted by Dardy Lacy on February 14th, 2023

AMC 8 preparation should not cause you a lot of worries - it is just a test like any other. The exam provides students with an opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards analytical thinking and math that can help them in their future careers. Students apply the skills they have learned in the classroom to unique problem-solving questions in a low-stress environment.

The topics covered

The AMC 8 covers a wide range of mathematical concepts from a middle school curriculum. The questions may include estimation, counting and probability, proportional reasoning, spatial visualization, elementary geometry, reading and interpreting graphs, and so on.

There are also some advanced questions that students should expect and be ready to answer. These advanced questions may involve coordinating geometry, quadratic or linear functions and equations, and other concepts from algebra. Here are some tips and guidelines for practising for the AMC 8 exam.

Practice with sample problems

Sample problems from the previous tests are an excellent way for students to have a feel for the exam. Find sample practice problems online and solve them. Students should be familiar with mathematical concepts. The test is typically designed to include the materials covered in a middle school curriculum.

Students are encouraged to immerse themselves in math patterns in the world around them and explore the connections between geometry and algebra. They should also understand the power of factors, primes, and numerical patterns during AMC prep.

Practice taking the test

Students need to practice taking the test. Knowing how the questions are set and how to solve problems and manage time during the exam can be an excellent way to prepare. In most cases, students struggle with comprehension of problems and end up missing out on clues that may lead them to come up with good strategies.

The more they make sense of the problems, the more successful they become during the test. Students should have a step-by-step strategy to deal with hard problems. They should also understand the progression of the problems and allocate time wisely. The problems can get harder and more time-consuming towards the end. Students should plan roughly twenty minutes for the last ten problems and the other twenty minutes for the first fifteen problems.

It is recommended that students complete anywhere from 3 to 5 AMC tests per week using a forty-minute countdown timer. This will help the students get into a rhythm. Students taking their test online may have to draw the diagrams by hand and this means that they should practice drawing diagrams with accurate dimensions.

During AMC 8 preparation, it is crucial for students to know the rules of the competition and have the right tools for the tests. Blank scratch paper, writing utensils, erasers, and rulers are permitted during the exam. Other tools such as phones, calculators, smartwatches, compasses, graph papers and protractors are prohibited. It is also important for students to learn and practice in groups. Joining a math club is one of the best ways to practice.

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