How long is the service life of seamless pipe?

Posted by zora li on February 20th, 2023

The materials produced by seamless steel pipes are different, and the elements are naturally different. Generally speaking, our seamless steel pipes are not easy to rust.

But it doesn't mean that the seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust, we usually don't care about it, because if the seamless steel pipe is not maintained at ordinary times, its service life will be shortened, and it will also bring inconvenience to our seamless pipe Necessary losses to factories and customers. Since everyone buys seamless steel pipes, they definitely hope that the service life can be longer, so everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of seamless steel pipes.

In order to increase the service life of seamless steel pipes during processing, the seamless steel pipes must first be pickled to remove surface scale, and then lubricated to passivate the steel pipes and form a protective film on the surface. Then, pickling Finally, electrolysis can be used to supplement the seamless steel pipe to further protect it.

The quality requirements of seamless steel pipe blanks are closely related to the piercing process. There are unfavorable stress states and serious uneven deformation when the two-roll piercer pierces and rolls the capillary. Therefore, the local defects existing on the blank are enlarged by the perforation, resulting in defects on the inner and outer surfaces of the capillary. Especially in some weak parts of the old metal - where non-metallic inclusions gather and the metal density is poor, it is easy to cause damage to the metal through perforation deformation.

Therefore, choosing a reasonable piercing method and changing the unfavorable stress state can prevent defects and reduce the requirements for seamless steel pipe blanks. Seamless steel pipe is mainly to press the pipe directly into the fitting. The two ends of the key are protruding U-shaped grooves. Plus, it fits into an outlet for quick connections. The three-roll piercing machine, guide plate piercing machine, and fungus piercing machine that have appeared in recent years are three better oblique roll piercing methods. Push piercing (P.P.M) is a great method of piercing billets directly. With these piercing methods, especially the bacterial piercer, not only the continuous casting slab can be pierced and rolled, but also high alloy steel can be pierced and rolled.

For the double-roll piercing machine with guide plate, defects can also be prevented by improving the piercing process, thereby reducing the quality requirements for seamless steel pipe blanks.

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