Book a Stay at a Green Hotel in Phang Nga

Posted by Hailey on February 20th, 2023

Book a stay in a green hotel right on the beach in Phang Nga, and learn about the natural environment of Thailand while surrounded by natural beauty. 

Eco-tourism is becoming popular all over the world, and Thailand is one of the countries that has embraced eco-tourism because of what the country has to offer. The southern region of Phang Nga in Thailand is one of the most spectacular areas for tropical flora and fauna. 

Thailand has also been at the forefront of conservation and preserving its forests and wildlife for over a generation. They successfully outlawed logging in the national forests in 1989, helping the wildlife of Thailand to prosper and many endangered species to thrive. 

Many conservation organisations in the country have carried on this tradition of caring for the natural resources of the country. 

Partnering with Local Conservation Organisations

The Khaolak Merlin Resort offers luxury accommodations in one of the most beautiful and pristine settings in Thailand. However, when you book a room at the resort, you're also be supporting the work of two local conservation organisations in Khaolak. The Big Trees Project and Love Wildlife Foundation are supported with help from the Khaolak Merlin Resort. The resort also has integrated the two organisation's conservation philosophies into the day-to-day operations of this stunning tropical resort. 

All the water used by the resort is recycled. The resort has an advanced water treatment system that relies on microbes to treat the water without harsh chemicals. The results of recycling can be seen by the irrigation enjoyed by the trees and foliage of the resort and by the Emerald Pool, which provides a natural habitat for small fish, reptiles and amphibians that call the resort home.

Supporting the Wildlife of Khaolak

Take a walk around the resort, and you may notice some signs posted in various areas of the resort with pictures of the local wildlife. These areas are part of a game that provides fun for the guests, and it also teaches them about the wildlife that inhabits the jungles of Khaolak. The game is a stamp rally where the guests collect stamps at all the posted stations around the resort. Completing the rally earns them a souvenir and the valuable education about wildlife that accompanies it. 

There's also a night walk with a guide from the resort to point out nocturnal animals and a birdwatching class every day to get guests acquainted with the bird life of Khaolak. 

By booking your family holiday at the Khaolak Merlin resort, you can teach your kids about the tropical wildlife of Thailand and enjoy a stay in a luxurious resort at the same time. Now that Thailand has opened fully to foreign visitors following the global pandemic, you should treat everyone in the family with the chance to get out and start exploring again. Why not introduce the family to the natural beauty of a green hotel in Phang Nga for your next holiday?

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