French-inspired and English-inspired Kitchen Cabinets in Batavia, IL

Posted by johnpreston on July 2nd, 2016

Upon first glance, French country-inspired and English country-inspired kitchen cabinets in Batavia, IL have so many similarities as to be almost the same. But this is not so upon closer inspection because French and English country kitchens have distinct personalities, which are reflected in their cabinetry.  

French Country Kitchen

The French love polished elegance even in utilitarian spaces like kitchens. So it’s no wonder that a French country-inspired cabinetry will be marked by elaborate designs from the scrolls and moldings on the wood to the hardware. You will also observe fussier architectural elements and grander motifs coupled with more material involved, in contrast with the relative simplicity of English cabinetry.  

Even the colors of the wood can be different. The French country-inspired cabinets usually have earthier colors, such as warm reds, mossy greens, and mustard yellow, which reflect the colors of the French countryside. You may, of course, choose more natural colors of the wood itself but choose earthier, not purer, tones to be true to the French country aesthetic.

Aside from the cabinets, you should also pay attention to the furniture and furnishings. Keep in mind that the French like their fabrics to have a sense of refined formal elegance, such as toile fabrics with depictions of gardens and fountains. Even the decorative items are more formal, such as elegantly quaint birds, than in an English country kitchen.

English Country Kitchen

For vanity cabinets in Geneva, IL with an English country theme, the hallmarks are rusticity, simplicity, and weathered surfaces for a lived-in feel. Your English country-inspired kitchen and its cabinets should reflect your enjoyment of life and its pleasures including entertaining family and friends in the heart of the home. Your cabinets add to the warm and cozy atmosphere, perhaps even have scuff marks here and there to add character.  

With an emphasis on the rustic and simple life, the cabinets will likely have natural colors and straightforward hues with deep tones. You may, for example, choose the natural browns of wood over painting them with another color – or in the case of painting another color, your choices will be purer hues, such as hunter green over moss green.

In terms of furnishings, an English country-inspired kitchen tend to have casual décor with fabrics depicting wild flora and fauna, even hunting scenes. Instead of toile, you will use chintz floral fabrics, too.

In both styles, nonetheless, you can use quartz in Batavia, IL as well as dark and wide wood planks.

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