How to purchase beats online?

Posted by Drake Drizzy on July 2nd, 2016

Before you expend your money earned by hard effort for rap beats through online just follow these instructions to make sure you’re receiving the most value probably! I know that it can be a scary job filled with loads of questions, for example, where should I get them from? How much I have to pay for this? What are exclusive & leasing rights? etc.

How to Get free Rap Beats

There are plenty of producers out there, however they are not all on the equal level. Some of them are making a full time income creating rap beats, Drake type beat, and many more, some are immediately starting out and others are in the middle of somewhere. So the producers that are presently starting out or who are somewhere in the middle are expected to give some of their beats at free of cost. They will possibly desire to remain their tag-recording articulate their brand or producer name in the beat and also they may possibly want you to either cite them in the song or provide them credit for making the beat whenever you upload this on the net. To find a free rap beats just search Soundcloud, Google and YouTube for Free Hip Hop Instrumentals or Free Rap Beats as they provide beats for Sale. Create a list of all the makers you like that are providing beats free of cost and visit them frequently to observe what’s new and fresh and show them your support and love.

How to Get Special Discounts

If it is hard for you to discover a free Partynextdoor type beats or rap beats that will fit on your style then it’s the perfect time for you to improve your concentration slightly more. Most of the makers have their own website and generally will contain a mailing list on which you can sign up. A lot of producers will propose special discounts to the public who are connected to them through their mailing list.

Finding Dope Producers

If you are looking for dope makers and also want to search out their mailing lists for discounts and regular updates, here is a simple method to locate where they’re prowling at on the net. However there are some serious makers which have their own sites they will frequently upload their beats on reputable third party websites for sale.

What Are Leases?

When you are buying a rap beat there is two important options, Exclusives and Lease beats. When you lease or rent a beat aka buying a license, you’re basically paying the makers for authorization to utilize the beat and eliminate the tag. However it doesn’t signify that you possess the beat. The makers still preserve full rights of the beat and can keep on leasing the beat to any other artists.


Don’t pay absurdly high prices for the leases. It’s comprehensible if you’re purchasing exclusives rights for a beat. If you don’t identify the difference among the two don’t be concerned I’ll tell you the difference. You should pay approximately - dollars per beat for a lease. And for the exclusives rights it can charge anywhere in amid 0-,500 and up!

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