The Heavy Duty Antique Industrial Sewing Machine

Posted by Faye V. Adams on July 2nd, 2016

Torn between two well-working antique sewing machine beauties? If you found one for home use and another for industrial purposes, it could be a tough choice. Numerous antique sewing machines for home use are currently circulating the internet. Though rare, several people may have already owned some wonderful pieces. It is time to collect something of a different appeal, and this is the antique industrial sewing machine

The antique industrial sewing machine is a heavy duty, bulky and noisy type of best portable sewing machine. Compared to the home use antique sewing machine, the industrial models are more capable of sewing trickier sewing projects such as saddles, upholstery, awnings, tents and a lot more. Because of its power, it can produce several challenging sewing projects continuously with no hassle.

If you are one of those many people who enjoy making their slipcovers, pillows, pants or cushions that utilize thick and heavy fabrics, opt to use an antique industrial sewing machine rather than the core one for home use. For some people, both types of equipment might look the same but for sewing machine enthusiasts and users, the differences are obvious. The antique industrial sewing machine has a much bigger motor hence more sewing power. Buttonholes are a snap with these antique best industrial sewing machines 2018.

It also makes use of a walking foot as opposed to the stationary or sliding foot of the domestic antique sewing machines. The walking foot prevents multiple material layers such as leather or denim from moving while it is still being sewn together. The very sound of an antique industrial sewing machine is enough to scare people who only have heard the home use type of sewing machines.

The most sought after brands of antique industrial machines aside from the ever famous Singer are the Necchi: Mira, Supernova, BU, and 513; Brother and Pfaff among others.

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