Does buying beads wholesale saves you on cash?

Posted by Umair on July 2nd, 2016

There are a lot of speculations in terms of beads wholesale costs. You can come across to contrasting opinions from the very famous and talented jewelry makers. Their opinions vary, but somehow, the cost-effectiveness is a mutually existing element in buying beads wholesale.

When you need to buy in wholesale?

You will only need to buy beads in bulk if you are well interested in this business and develop interesting in experimenting and trying out different projects. Otherwise, buying in bulk is a no-brainer, which is why those who just make one item once in a blue moon will never favor buying in wholesale.

What the facts say?

It is a fact that when you buy an item in bulk, there’s a difference between the actual unit price, and the price of one unit bought in wholesale. It’s called economies of scale and I am sure you are familiar with it. So, try out with buying beads in wholesale as you could always have a good value of money. There are many retailers where you can get beads wholesale at a fraction of actual costs elsewhere.

Is there a catch?

The only catch is that you would require to buy in bulk that means somewhere in hundreds. A pack 200 beads seems extravagant, but surely saves you some money as long as you have projects laid out that allow the usage of all the beads you bought in bulk. Let me give you a raw example of how it actually is. If you buy 100 beads, you might pay 13 cents per bead; whereas, you buy 100 beads wholesale, you will have to pay around 10 cents per bead. This way, you get a good value of your money and have your favourite items in large quantities. The more you buy, the more the price reduces.

Tips: If you wish not to make many projects but still agree to buy in bulk, then you could split the costs and items among friends. A group of your friends will split the cash as well as the beads you bought. Just do the math and you are likely to be good. This way, you can place large orders and avail the least possible cost.

Also, keep the shipping cost in mind. High shipping cost suck the bargain element out of your beads, so it is advisable that you take a trip to the nearest store rather ordering online.

You might also be offered free shipping on large orders. Let’s say you spent and are being offered free shipping. What if you buy a little less and still pay , adding the delivery cost? It is just that, you will not have any wasted items for months to be out of use. Compare the price difference and always opt for what gives you good value of money when buying beads wholesale.


Beads wholesale are surely worth a try. You will have a reason to find more projects and get more creative. Be proactive about it and take it every time as a learning opportunity.

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