Importance of Augmented Staffing Model

Posted by Sandip Patel on February 21st, 2023

For any business, it is challenging to find competitive and skillful employees. In addition, as we know training new joinees can impact budgets or affect the company's revenues. Hiring and training can be considered investments, but when a business requires staff due to the temporary or permanent absence of staff members who have an illness, are on holiday, have resigned, etc. can prove to be a challenge. During these scenarios, recruitment can be expensive and time-consuming.

To solve this problem, an Augmented Staffing Model, can provide businesses with the luxury of hiring experienced employees for a temporary period at an affordable price. This model is of immense help for businesses as it allows projects to be executed smoothly, while training new employees. Also, they can use the Augmented Staffing Model to hire experts for a particular project.

Think about the Advantages and Disadvantages

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of the Augmented Team hiring model. Some benefits are flexibility, access to a vast resource pool, cost-effective, efficient operations, scalability & adaptability, and sustained control and management. On the other hand, its disadvantages are: expensive in the longer run, requires oversight & management, no institutional knowledge, and exclusivity & NDA.

When to consider Staff Augmentation

A big question that arises in one's mind is when one would consider staff augmentation. Unfortunately, there are only a number of times when we should consider staff augmentation:

1. When the project is of a shorter length, it doesn’t make much sense to use augmented staffing on lengthier projects instead of hiring a dedicated full-time employee.

2. When any company must hit a deadline or complete a project rapidly.

3. A company can hire an expert during a safer and more profitable project.

4. Requirements for each project are different and required expertise varies so that companies can hire augmented staff for that particular product.

5. Having an augmented staff can help internal employees to concentrate on nurturing their skill sets.



Staff augmentation can reduce the workload on the employees and establish several projects. Hiring an augmented team helps get a vast resource pool, lower operational costs, achieve aggressive deadlines, etc. We at Vindaloo Softtech offer an affordable Augmented Team Hiring Model; if interested, check it out.

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