Importance of VOC Testing in Tampa and Naples, FL

Posted by Anthony Lenard on February 21st, 2023

Being plagued with headaches and suffering from nausea without any apparent reason spells trouble. A seemingly innocent item within the home may turn out to be the culprit responsible for adversely affecting one’s health. It thus makes sense to contact professionals and request VOC testing in Tampa and Naples, FL, to learn whether the volatile organic compounds are lurking in and around the home.

It is indeed interesting to know that the compounds contain carbon and hydrogen, with multiple everyday products categorized as VOC. Their property of volatility and evaporation at normal temperature and pressure makes them stand apart from other compounds that pose no harm o the human body. A high vapor point coupled with a low boiling point makes it particularly dangerous to the environment and human health.

It is not surprising to know that an astounding number of VOCs are manmade and often used at homes and workplaces. A few VOCs occur in nature as well. The plant-based isoprene is a natural VOC that one needs to remember.

Some of the manmade sources of VOCs that need to be avoided at all costs include the following:-

· Solvents, paints, and coating products

· Adhesive removers and aerosol spray paint containing methyl chloride

· Formaldehyde in paints, adhesives, wall boards, and ceilings

· Chlorocarbons and Perchloroethylene used in the dry cleaning of clothes

· Gasoline and by-products of exhaust gas, along with a host of fossil fuels

· Benzene found in tobacco smoke, car exhausts, and stored fuels

Inhaling the VOCs is believed to be hazardous to human health. More often than not, an affected individual is likely to display the following symptoms:-

· Nausea

· Dizziness

· Headache

· Allergies

· Skin disorders such as rashes

· Respiratory discomfort

· Throat infection

While inhaling the fumes from VOCs for a long time can be dangerous, many individuals are also exposed to a low amount of such toxic fumes. Sure, eye and throat infections may be treated, but exposure to VOCs results in the serious ailment of the liver and kidney. Medical professionals also warn against inhaling fumes that are often labeled as carcinogenic or cancer-causing.

VOC Detection

The problems associated with the VOCs make it imperative to test one’s home and office for the compounds. Hiring professional services is the only way of learning the facts. Commercial establishments will have the gases detected by “Flame Ionisation Detection” or “Photo Ionisation Detection.” “Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer” is utilized for testing residents with a sample analysis determining the extent of risks. It is essential to detect the level of VOC exposure before attempting to remove the offensive objects, thereby ensuring good health and clean air.

One may often find the air inside to be tainted with contaminants. Opting for indoor air quality testing in Tampa and Fort Myers, FL, enables one to discover the truth and take action to improve the air quality at the earliest.

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