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Posted by lisa on July 4th, 2016

Analgesia abortion operation use is a new, safe, effective intravenous general anesthesia. But painless abortion operation is also affected by many factors, the need for preoperative and postoperative training, to prevent the occurrence of accidents after the accident. Therefore, painless abortion operation must choose the reliable abortion clinics in singapore.

Painless abortion operation is refers under intravenous anesthesia abortion, which is on the suction abortion operation based, plus intravenous general anesthesia, surgery no pain. Analgesia abortion of people use is a new, safe, effective intravenous general anesthesia. The operation was administered intravenously, it about 30 seconds into the sleep state that in pregnant women without the perception of the situation and the surgery. Pregnant women after the surgery, the full recovery of consciousness, 30 minutes to leave the reliable abortion clinics in singapore -

There are some matters you need attention before you do abortion.
1, surgery should be performed in 70 days of pregnancy within, truthfully to the doctor described possible pregnancy time and previous pregnancy history, major diseases. Patients with acute hepatitis or invasive pulmonary tuberculosis should be treated first.

2..there are allergic constitution or drug allergy history, the need to take contraceptive ring after surgery, the doctor in advance.

3.Three days before the operation, the first 1 days before the bath changing clothes.

4.Do not eat  breakfast when on the surgery morning.

5.With women's sanitary napkins, toilet paper.

In the experience of painless artificial abortion operation, women will produce depression, depression, crying, irritability, insomnia and a series of mental symptoms. This is caused by a change in the level of hormones in the body before and after pregnancy. Most people will not cure and more. However, after operation recuperation by  reliable abortion clinics in singapore on women's physical and mental can also have an important role to recover as soon as possible.

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