What are BCC and CC on any Email?

Posted by Kaira Turner on February 28th, 2023

Writing an email is the best way to communicate with your friends, families, and colleagues. While sending an email to the recipient, you must have seen the “To”“CC”, and “BCC”.

We will focus on the tricks of sending the email to the right people in the correct way without leaking somewhere else to ensure the privacy of your email.                                          

CC stands for “Carbon copy” while BCC stands for “Blind carbon Copy” these are the way to send emails to additional people simultaneously.

Do you know what does cc mean on email?

We are going to explain all the terms of CC and BCC in the given post. Keep reading it. See More WegaFlix LED

What Does CC Mean on Email

Move to describe what CC means in the email.

Carbon Copy abbreviated as CC is an older way of copying the hard copy by placing a carbon n between the pages and writing from one page will be reflected on another page and can be sent to additional people. Similarly, CC means in an email for sending a copy of an email to multiple people at a time. 

Sending an email to additional people is pretty simple using the CC or To fields, you can send emails to your colleagues to keep them in the loop and they will be able to see the emails by letting other recipients know that they are in the thread of email.

It is noticeable that people you have kept in CC can’t take any action on email, it is just to make them informed about it.


What Does “TO” Mean on Email

In terms of email etiquette “To” is the main recipient to whom you are sending the mail and the recipient can respond to the mail, forward, or take whatever action they want. Basically, these recipients are those whose email id you have mentioned in the “To” field while composing an email. The field is useful when you need to send your email directly to 10 or 20 relevant people at a time. See More WegaFlix Smart LED TV

What Does BCC Stand for in Email

You must be looking for what bcc stands for in the email.

Blind Carbon Copy abbreviated as “BCC” is also the method to send a copy of the email to various recipients without letting one another know who elsewhere has received the same email. To be precise, it is useful when you want to send emails to multiple recipients while keeping them secret from one another.

In some situations, you don’t want to disclose the name of the recipients in order to protect the privacy of recipients as they are not aware of who others have received the same thing.


When to Use CC and BCC

You should be well aware of when to use CC and BCC.


Use CC

To send emails to another recipient just for information, while they are not the main recipient, you can use the CC field.

There is nothing to hide from each other as they all are your colleagues or official letter that you want to make aware of all the members simultaneously, but only one can respond to it then you can use CC.



If you want to send an email to someone else but want to keep hidden from the primary recipient, then you can use BCC, as it won’t let the main recipient know that you have sent a copy to others too.

In general BCC email is used to promote any product or service and you need to send an email to a large number of people.  For example, if your boss has given you a list of people to send a copy of the same email to multiple clients, then BCC is the best way to go without others knowing. For using this you can use your other email address in the “To” field and put others' names in the “BCC”  field which will keep your email secret from the other recipient. No one can know to whom you have sent a copy of the email simultaneously.


Hope, we are able to make clear the concepts. Either you can contact to EmailsDesk for more information.

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