Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Market to Incur Meteoric Growth During 2023-2030

Posted by Rajkumar on February 28th, 2023

Pressure sensitive adhesives are a special type of adhesive that forms a permanent bond when pressure is placed on the adhesive to bond the adhesives with a hard surface. No heat, water, or solvent is required to activate the adhesive in question. One of the major factors aiding growth of the market is the wide acceptance of pressure-sensitive adhesives. This is typically due to ease of use and low cost as compared to conventional fastening. Furthermore, these types of adhesives are lightweight, thin, and reduce vibration, noise, and eliminates the need for visible fasteners. Hence, such factors can boost growth of the pressure sensitive adhesives market. Recently, in February 2019, AAI launched bio-mimicking nanofiber-based dry pressure-sensitive adhesives for strong adhesion.

The only requirement is that pressure must be applied, either through mechanical pressure or through chemical stimulus. This type of adhesive has recently become a popular choice for use in applications such as roofing membranes and sealants. In fact, they can even be used as an alternative to epoxy resins for high-traffic applications. The primary applications of sensitive adhesives are in tapes and labels. These tapes are numerous advantages such as these tapes do not require elaborate equipment and can be easily automated. PSAs save significant time compared to liquid adhesives as they do not require setup or long curing time. Recently, in June 2021, CCT (Coating & Covering Technologies) launched tape adhesive solutions at Foam Expo 2021. Thus, such factors can stimulate growth of the pressure sensitive adhesives market.

Synthetic Rubber is made through the process of cross-linking or cross-bonding, where a premix is formed with either epoxy or a solvent. Solvent-based adhesives often create more flexibility than epoxy-based ones, while water-based lubes allow for a stronger bond than either one. The liquid form of the cross-linking can also yield more consistent results as the ingredient mixture dries. Regardless of these significant advantages, there are certain factors that can limit the potential development of the market. For instance, volatility of raw material prices remains one of the significant challenges in the market. Furthermore, stringent regulations and availability of mechanical fasteners can potentially inhibit growth of the pressure sensitive adhesives market.

Thermoset Rubber has excellent thermal conductivity, which allows it to be applied and repaired on a variety of substrates such as metals, ceramics, fiberglass, and even wood. This particular adhesive's shear strength allows it to handle a wide range of temperatures, which means that it can perform under any condition and is versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications. When it comes to geographical impact, North America is exhibiting a positive outlook in the pressure sensitive adhesives market. This is due to the fact that there is high demand from the automotive and transportation sectors across the region. On the contrary, Asia Pacific is gaining robust traction due to rapid growth packaging industry across the region.

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