Paris 2024: Kiwi Olympic Breaking Off in Hamilton offers first steps to Olympic Paris

Posted by on March 1st, 2023

Potential Olympians have the prospect to take their first step toward Paris 2024. This weekend when the Great Kiwi Disruption Off takes place in Kirikiriroa. Breaking often previously mentioned as breakdancing has been selected to feature on the Paris 2024 Olympic program. After successfully making its entrance at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in 2018. Sixteen B Boys and 16 B-Girls will express off in the Olympic competition and the first step for Kiwi dancers. To that period takes place at Victoria on the Stream on Sunday.

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Organiser Dujon Cullingford says Sunday’s event is the first of four crossways the motu. Where competitors will be able to accrue ranking points. At the end of the four proceedings the Aotearoa New Zealand Olympic Breaking Association will propose their top dancers to the New Zealand Olympic Commission. And seek support for them to appear in international qualifying events in the hope of doing enough to be selected for Paris. However, he recognizes it’s not an easy road. We hope our athletes use the chances well on the road to Paris and do the best they can.

We’ll be bringing the public together to support our dancers’ journey he says. The Break Off format will nose one on one knockout battles where basically the crowd totals down three two one and the judges point to the winner. If there are 16 dancers it’ll get down to one pretty quickly. He was always keen on Kirikiriroa hosting a ranking occasion. When I started breaking in 2000, the guys who were the best in Hamilton at that time were competing in contradiction of the best in New Zealand. And we’ve always had a strong division here, pretty much since the 80s. So, this one we wanted to have it in the Tron to start the first occasion off.

Breaking will revolutionize Olympics when makes Paris 2024 debut

The sport has been included in the program in the French money following a successful entry. At the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018. After a bright debut at the Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Breaking is on the technique to the Olympics said Jeftic at the Urban Sports Summit. Here We are starting with qualifiers and enduring with the Olympic Qualifying Series next year. The spotlight of Paris will show the full latent of the sport. And it will be the first time that the world can see the eagerness of break on the main stage.

Our sport has been about for 65 years so people are aware of it but they are just not used to sighted dance sport competitively. Breaking will open the door for new guidelines in the Olympics allow it to develop and attract a new audience. Also present a new perspective on the sport which is greatly needed to keep the Games pertinent. The International Olympic Committee hopes the enclosure of sports like breaking will lead to setting. A new standard for comprehensive gender-balanced and youth-centered Games.

Breaking is a part of this drive to induce young people into the Olympics. As it is easy to access participate in and has lively communities on social media. The future of the sport is positively urban said Jeftic. Today everything is changing so fast. There are changes in people's outlook they want to see something new. I think that breaking is refining its presence as its core elements of uniting artistry and athletics is fresh for people which is far-sighted as it grows rapidly.

Japan's Ayumi the impact on Olympic breaking 

The 39-year-old b girl and previous world champion has won her second straight national title. But isn't leasing any of the success get to her head as Olympic Breaking qualifying race temperatures are up this weekend in Kitakyushu Japan. The Paris Olympic Games is unmoving more than a year away. But b-girl Ayumi is previously feeling its impact on breaking. I’m from Kyoto but I got to Tokyo and curved on the TV and breaking was ubiquitous. Ayumi said after she won the All Japan Breaking Championships for the second uninterrupted year televised live nationwide by public broadcaster NHK.

I was shocked. Everyone was actual there were breaking photos all over Tokyo Station. I was so surprised. Ayumi aka Fukushima Ayumi will be 41 when the Games rolls everywhere in the summer of 2024. If she seems settled compared to your regular breaker well there’s a good reason for it. Odds are, the opening women’s champion of Olympic Breaking in Paris will come from Japan. With Ayumi world winner Ami and her older sister Ayu. As well as Riko and men's three-time national champion Shigekix’s sister Ayane the republic is stacked.

So, to top the national championships of a republic as competitive as that would qualify estates to be confident for Paris perhaps even arrogant. But Ayumi doesn’t see it that way. First things first she requires to get to Paris before all the talk about medals and podium and whatnot. Nothing is certain the 2021 world champion said with a stern look. It all comes down to how I do this year. I’m not getting gaining of I, just one step at a time. Kitakyushu is next. offers Olympic games tickets for the Paris Olympic 2024 at the best prices. Olympic fans can buy Olympic Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Canadian B-girl Tiffany Leung loved snacking until Olympic Breaking became an Olympic sport

2024 Games hopeful lost in qualifying combat at season opener this weekend in Japan. When Tiffany Leung isn't working or flinging down footwork or acrobatic moves in the living room of her spacious apartment. She enjoys vintage spending, art, fashion, and snacking. To her 2,300 Instagram cliques and those closest to the Canadian breaker or breakdance. She's also known as deepfriedtiff. I’m. known to be gluttonous particularly snacks the Toronto resident told CBC Sports.

Leung is easily worried when balancing Olympic Breaking with the demands of her job in artificial intellect. So, she often de-stresses with a sugar craving. There are instants when I want short term gratification said Leung. Who has worked for five years for Deloitte an organization consultant company in Toronto. Sometimes I'm ravenous at practice and need a sugar boost. I never desire anything healthy or a meal just snacks and sugars. It’s the firmest thing to fix for the Olympics. Leung has yet to protected a spot for the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. Where breaking will make its entrance with 16 women and 16 men competing.

But she is on track for one of the supreme two spots available to Canadian women as the No. 1-ranked B-girl or Break girl in the nation. Geoff Reyes the leader of Breaking Canada, which was established in 2021 believes the 27-year-old is close to comprehending her Olympic dream. She’s on the point of making the top 16 he noted. She's been on the world phase before. She was fifth at the World Games last [July] so that was massive. If that's an indicator of what can happen at the Olympics then she belongs there. In December 2020 Leung was at connections in her athletic career when breaking was legitimately added to the Olympics.

Breaking world champion B-Girl India There is so much freedom in this sport

The Dutch-breaking world champion expresses how she got into the sport. Why she doesn't use a stage name how she analyses opponents. And what fans can imagine from the sport at the Olympic Games Paris 2024. Even in the eclectic world of Olympic Breaking India Sardjoe also known as B-Girl India does things a little differently. While most dancers known as B-Girls or B-Boys compete under a pseudonym that could represent their alter ego the 16-year-old athlete chose to use her real name.

Many people have enquired why I don’t use a B-Girl name. But since I was young it’s always been this way Sardjoe told gave me a crazy name or started calling me something else. I wouldn’t modification it for anything, and forever it will be just India. It’s a small but poignant decision that demonstrates her authenticity both in and out of struggle. She’s not copying anyone else’s style. Another reason that the name will not change is that B Girl India took the breaking world. By storm in 2022, becoming the Dutch European and world champion in the space of six months.

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