Why should you hire chartered surveyor Brighton before buying property?

Posted by Brian Miller on July 4th, 2016

Wondering whether you need a chartered surveyor or not? Well, if you are dealing with a new property or repairing an existing one, then you definitely need a chartered surveyor Brighton. An in-depth examination of the foundation is necessary without which no legal procedure or architectural work can be executed. Surveyors Brighton are experienced professionals to carry out the entire research work smoothly.

“A chartered surveyor is the one for all.”

Do you have a commercial establishment, residential foundation or even a large-scale establishment? Whatever it is, a chartered surveyor knows how to strategically plan the project and assist architects to finish within stipulated time.

They will consult for necessary requirements and take remedial measures whenever things go wrong. They have complete idea about the world of construction, environmental factors, safety precautions and law and order.

Most importantly, chartered building surveyors are the ones who dig out the buried defects in and around the property.


• Inspect an asset: They conduct an inspection before a home is being sold. This assessment is required before you make payments for the new property. Surveyors prepare a thorough report that helps in getting the authentic property valuation.

• Stability of the building: Property buying or selling is something not out of law’s hand. The government has set certain guidelines like efficiency of the foundation and therefore, these have to be checked before signing an agreement.  

• Dilapidation Calculation: If there is any dispute between the landlord and tenants, a chartered surveyor has to sort it out legally. He will visit the location, analyse that particular property and make whoever concerned pay for damages. Repairing arrangements will also be made by him.

• Provide valuable advice: With his vast knowledge and expertise, he is the best person to advise you during a property purchase. He will guide you in proper utilization of the land, meet planning consultants, sign agreements, etc.

• Finds out hidden faults: A chartered surveyor Brighton uses state-of-the-art tools to identify the unexposed structural problems. He also estimates the total cost involved in the entire project.

How to contact a surveyor?          

Many franchises have chartered building surveyors who can be contacted for all these crucial tasks. Their charges vary depending on certain factors – scope of work, duration, etc. However, for a cost-effective, reliable service, it is better to hire an independent building surveyor. Most of them possess a qualified degree in both engineering and surveying with excellent analysing skills.

If you are a resident of Brighton, that would be an added benefit for you as many qualified individuals are there to offer their service.     

Qualities of Surveyors

“Some people look for a beautiful place; others make a place beautiful.”

Choosing the right person to undertake this vital responsibility is very important. No matter you get recommendation from colleagues or browse the internet, three basic things you must consider.

• Qualification: He must be a qualified surveyor with certification from reputed institute, RICS.
• Work experience: Check out his work experience; how long has he been in this profession.
• Skills: Some chartered surveyors have specialisation in field like planning, construction, retail property, engineering, hydrographics, building surveying, etc. What is your inspector specialised in?   

You are going to make an important investment that definitively needs a professional consultation for all the obvious reasons. Keeping in mind the necessary requirements and associated benefits, it is better to hire experienced independent surveyors Brighton.

Looking for surveyors Brighton? Only a proficient chartered surveyor Brighton can meet your property needs.

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