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Posted by Danyking on July 5th, 2016

Hello, all WOW players. With the approach of WOW Legion, are you interested in the upcoming Legion pre-launch event? Here Gold4fans, which offers cheap WOW gold with fast delivery, gives you some previews about it.

With the approach of WOW Legion, are you interested in the upcoming Legion pre-launch event?Gold4fans supply wow gold with full instock now.Time to buy cheap fast wow gold with paypal No Confirmation(Email Address and Telephone Needed Any More) now!

You can get transmog items and loot with this invasion.

With the release of this invasion, you can get transmog and loot. Also Broken Isles and Whispers in cities are introduced. Besides, there are unique transmog appearances, and a pup pet from a vendor that will only be obtainable for the few weeks leading up to Legion.

Big grand invasions all over Azeroth and an interesting storyline are introduced.

There are big grand invasions all over Azeroth. You will also get an interesting storyline coming with Dalaran in transit over Karazhan, and an old friend to meet up with in Ulduar. Those who pre-purchase Legion will also get early access to Demon Hunters at some point during the pre-event.

Nethershard is a currency that will be specific to the Legion pre-launch event.

There are various ways to obtain Nethershard, but one will be via invasion scenario events. Theoretically, if invasions are the only source, you will need to do 8 invasions to get one transmog ensemble, and only 2 invasions to get one of the iLevel 700 rings, amulets or tickets. Aside from Nethershard, the invasions grant achievements, and also the Stage 4 chests can have unique weapons in them. The items available for Nethershard include transmog sets and item level 700 necks, rings, trinkets, weapon upgrade items, and a pet. These items are sold by Captive Wyrmtongue, who can be found in the Illidari camps in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

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