How to look less awkward on a selfie?

Posted by Naveed on March 5th, 2023

Taking a good selfie can be a challenge, especially if you're feeling a bit awkward or self-conscious. However, with a few simple tips and tricks, youcanlearnhowto look lessawkward and more confident in your selfies.

Find your best angle

Everyone has a "good side" or angle that they prefer. Experiment with different anglesbytiltingyourheadslightlyto the left or right, or holding the camera higher or lowerthanyour face. Play arounduntilyoufind the anglethatflattersyou the most.

Practice your smile

A natural-looking smile can make a big difference in how you appear in a selfie. Practiceyoursmile in the mirror or withfriendsuntilyoufindonethatfeelscomfortable and authentic.


Use good lighting

Good lighting is key to taking a great selfie. Some tips for best lighting for selfies are to avoid harsh overhead lighting, which can cast unflattering shadows on your face. Instead, trytofindnatural light, such as near a window or outside in the shade. Soft, diffused light can help tosmooth out anyimperfections and giveyou a more flattering look.


Check your background

Before taking a selfie, take a quick look at the background to make sure it's not distracting or unappealing. A cluttered or messy background can take awayfrom the focus on you.

Take your time

Don't rush when taking a selfie. Take your time to set up the shot, adjustyourangle and lighting, and findyour best smile. Youcanalways take multiple shots and choose the best one.


Finally, try to relax and have fun with it! Selfies are meanttobe a fun and casual way tocapture a moment. Ifyou're feeling tense or awkward, take a few deepbreaths and remindyourselfthatthere's no right or wrong way to take a selfie.


By following these simple tips, you can learn how to look less awkward and more confident in your selfies. Rememberto experiment withangles, practiceyoursmile, usegoodlighting, check your background, take your time, and most importantly, relax and have fun!

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