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Posted by Alzbeta berka on March 7th, 2023

A lot of people in Kolkata, India, suffer from pilings and fissures on a regular basis. Finding the best medical professional to treat these conditions is essential because they can cause discomfort, pain, and inconvenience. We will talk about the best piles doctor and the best fissure surgeon in Kolkata in this article.

When the blood vessels in the rectal area become swollen and inflamed, piles, also known as hemorrhoids, develop. The human body can develop piles from a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Constipation: One of the most common causes of piles is constipation. During bowel movements, straining can put pressure on the blood vessels in the rectal area, causing swelling and inflammation.
  • Obesity: Being overweight or obese can also make you more likely to get piles. This is due to the fact that being overweight puts pressure on the rectal area and can make the blood vessels swollen and irritated.
  • Pregnancy:It is also more common in pregnant women. This is because the blood vessels can become swollen and inflamed as a result of the growing uterus pressing on the rectal area.
  • Genetics: Some people may be more likely to develop piles due to genetics.

The following are some typical signs of piles:

  • Swelling or inflammation around the anus
  • Bleeding during bowel movements
  • Difficulty or pain while passing stools
  • A feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation
  • Mucus discharge from the anus Pain or discomfort in the rectal area

Here is a list of some Best Piles Fistula Specialist Doctor in Kolkata.

1.Dr. Nazrul Islam

With 28 years of experience (since 1994), Dr. Nazrul Islam is one of Kolkata's leading piles doctors. He uses a cutting-edge Kshara-Karma procedure that doesn't hurt and heals quickly without cutting or bleeding. He uses this method to treat anorectal diseases like piles, fissures, fistulas, rectal prolapse, and pilonidal sinus permanently.

C.C.I.M. and the Ministry of AYUSH, India's Department of Health and Family Welfare, have approved his treatment method. His vast knowledge has resulted in complete cures for even the most severe cases that could not be treated elsewhere.

2. Dr. Partha Sarkar

He is a pioneer in rectal surgery and has been treating a wide range of anorectal issues and finding permanent solutions to them for more than 23 years. His treatment has been recognized as one of the most original approaches to treatment and solutions worldwide. His high level of expertise has resulted in complete cures for even the most severe cases that could not be treated elsewhere.

Sambhunath Pandit Hospital, Kolkata, was a place where Dr. Sarkar worked. He likewise has experience working at 4 Government emergency clinics. He has been associated with various private hospitals for the past 23 years.

3.Dr. Suddhasattwa Sen

Dr. Sen earned his MBBS in 1999 from R.G. Kar Medical College in Kolkata, his MS in general surgery in 2005 from IPGMER, his DNB in general surgery in 2006 from the National Board of Examinations, his MRCS in the United Kingdom in 2006, and his DNB in surgical gastroenterology in 2010 from CMRI Hospital in Kolkata.

He has been with Fortis Hospitals, AMRI Group of Hospitals, Apollo Gleneagles, CMRI, Woodlands, and Belle Vue Nursing Home, Kolkata, for more than 23 years before joining the Medica family.

In conclusion, you should see a highly qualified and experienced doctor in Kolkata if you have piles or fissures. The doctors listed above are known for their expertise and use of cutting-edge treatment techniques, making them among Kolkata's best piles and fissure surgeons. For quick relief from piles or fissures and effective treatment, see any of these doctors.

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