Pros & Cons of Jet 354165 JDP-15M Bench Drill Press

Posted by Henry.Wilsonn on July 5th, 2016

When you have to buy a high quality drill press, you are limited by options but the limitations exclude JET as the manufacturer has been able to churn out some of the best drill presses over the years that perform to the highest levels. On another note, it’s easier to maintain and repair JET products as JET parts including JET drill press parts are easily purchasable on many online stores as well as brick and mortar stores.

JET 354165 is anything but difficult to utilize - You can rapidly change between statures to switch between errands, and additionally an effortlessly customizable work table to tilt as required up to 45 degrees. You can likewise switch between velocities effortlessly to finish your assignments.

JET drill press is utterly powerful - The engine on this drill is intense and can traverse most surfaces that are set against it. It likewise helps you travel through tasks less demanding on the grounds that it takes less drive to utilize, particularly versus a handheld drill.

Durable Construction and takes care of operator’s safety - This simple to use drill has a solid development which makes this an item that you can depend on for some time to come. It likewise has security highlights that will help you feel better utilizing this item. Still, ensure that you read the complete manual on how to assemble and operate the machine safely. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

JET 354165 features a work light - This work light can truly help you see precisely what you are doing less demanding. Simply recollect that you should supply the knob for it.

What Works in favor of JET 354165 and What Doesn’t


  • It is anything but difficult to amass, however you may require another hand to assemble the machine.
  • It is sturdy and substantial and weighs around 150 lbs.
  • The work space light is an extraordinary expansion to help you see what you are doing clearer. Since it runs calmer than a few, you can work without exasperating the house.
  • Switching between velocities is a simple errand.
  • It runs easily and calmer than most different alternatives.
  • It can be utilized for an assortment of various materials.
  • The worktable is pleasantly estimated for generally undertakings.
  • The capacity to tilt the table is exceptionally valuable.
  • This drill has amazing exactness.


  • There are some vibration and wobble issues while utilizing this machine.
  • The iron work on the drill can be sharp and should have been scraped down.
  • The belt strain lever is short, and might be harder to get influence on.
  • The wrench is not as easily worked as it ought to be.
  • Other options in this category have a laser guide; however this one doesn't come with it.
  • Assembly guidelines in the manual can be somewhat difficult to take after.
  • JET 354165 comes with a chuck that can be difficult to use. offers you to buy Jet parts, Jet lat  he parts and Jet drill press parts on lowest online prices.

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