How Magento 2 Mobile App Builder Can Help you Grow Business

Posted by Maulik Shah on March 13th, 2023

Do you want to increase conversion rates? Mobile apps are the best solution when it comes to reducing bounce rates. More and more people prefer mobile applications as it offers excellent user experience. 

And that is why every ecommerce business plan to launch its mobile application. But the challenge is that not every small business can spend a huge chunk of money on custom development. They might also not have enough knowledge about the different ways of development.

We have a perfect solution for businesses looking to develop a mobile application on a budget. It is Magento 2 mobile app builder. Let’s learn more about it.

What is Magento 2 Mobile App Builder?

It is a ready-to-use framework that helps you build native mobile apps for iOS and Android. The majority of features can be implemented with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Limited coding is involved, which is usually taken care of by the service provider. The rest of the app can be developed by anyone without writing a piece of code.

Major Features of the App Builder

Dynamic Layout

You can customize the home screen with Dynamic templates and widgets. You can change styles, headers, banners, grids, categories, and much more by simply dragging and dropping. Thus, managing the app layout becomes hassle-free.

One Page Checkout

Your customers can complete the entire checkout process on a single page. Customers can add or remove products, change the quantity of the product, change or update the address, and make instant payments without leaving the current page. It majorly reduces the abandonment rate.

Manage Custom Products

Manage custom products by customizing categories like price, image, date & time, etc. You can create different categories to attract different segments of customers.

Payment Gateway Support

Offer your customers more options with the app builder. You can give multiple payment options so customers can find their preferred payment option. You will see a rise in conversion rate when you integrate multiple payment gateways.

Multi-Language Support

The app builder must support all the languages so that you can make the mobile application in your preferred language. For example, an ideal app builder must support RTL (right to left) languages as well. The layout should also change as per the preferred language.

Benefits of Mobile App Builder

Launch Quickly

Custom app development takes a lot of time for development and testing. However, with a mobile app builder, you can lessen this time upto a great extent because most of the features are ready to use. Your app would require development only where you need to add custom features. Thus, your app will be ready in a few days and ready to launch in the market.

Budget Friendly

Developing an application from scratch is expensive. As it takes more time to develop, developers charge hefty fees. Moreover, the cost also depends on the complexity of the features. On the other end, the mobile app builder has a fixed cost. You might have to pay extra for the customization, but it would be much less than custom development.

Low Maintenance

As the app builders are pre-tested, standardized, and ready to use, maintenance is much less. Thus, you will save a lot and can invest this amount in upgrading your app to the next level.


Mobile application is a way to grow your ecommerce business. Mobile apps are one of the most preferred channels of purchase for customers, so businesses cannot survive long without apps. Mobile app builders are the most affordable, fastest, and easiest way to leverage mobile apps. So, if you ever plan to develop a mobile application, try mobile app builders!

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