Be Your Own Boss And Don?t Let Your Bank Credit Card Own You

Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th, 2010

Owning a credit card has numerous benefits, of course, but these benefits can also be your downfall. While the process of applying for a credit card and getting approved is a grueling process, getting out of credit card debt is definitely ten times harder so don?t wait for that to happen. Be your own boss now and let your credit card know who?s in charge!

Tips to Choosing and Managing Your Bank Credit Card

Smart and Practical Shopping ? If you can afford to pay by cash, do so because cash payments allow you to enjoy lower prices and zero interest fees. Secondly, don?t use your credit card to buy for things that you don?t really need. It?s better to think of your credit card as an emergency lifeline or a genie lamp that can come up only with a limited number of wishes. Use it only when necessary.

Not All Promos are for You ? Credit cards regularly make promotional offers to their clients and although all these promos do have benefits, that doesn?t mean you should take up every carrot they?re dangling in front you. Some promos, for instance, require you to use your credit card in order to obtain a raffle point. Obviously, this is not a good option for you if you have high interest credit cards.

Taking Advantage of Discounts ? Credit card companies often have tie-ups with retail stores and allow you to enjoy discounts. Know what stores your credit card is affiliated with and take advantage of all the discounts they?re offering. A penny saved is still a penny earned and nowadays, pennies count a lot!

Cash Advances ? This option can be a lifesaver in many instances but keep in mind that it should be used exactly like that: as a lifesaver. If it?s not going to kill you then don?t make use of the cash advance option of your bank credit card because it charges even higher interest fees and costs compared to what you?d be charged with regular credit card purchases.

More Rewards or Lesser Interest ? Before you sign your name on the dotted line, make sure that you?re getting exactly what you want and need. Determine whether you?ll benefit more from reward based credit cards or those that offer low interest rates.

Reward credit cards are better suited for people who can spend a lot but pay for them on time as well while low interest credit cards are more suited for people who use credit cards to supplement their income.

Issuance of Supplementary Credit Cards ? Offer extensions to your credit cards only to people you trust. If you?re giving your children their own credit cards, make sure that you give them a much lower limit.

Payment ? Firstly, always pay on time. Late payments will equal extra costs and maybe higher interests as well depending on the rules stipulated in your credit card contract. Secondly, pay more than the minimum amount required as often as possible because the minimum requirement basically covers your interest charge only.

Above all things else, it?s important to remember that credit cards allow you to spend money that you may not presently have. If you can?t afford something in cash today or the next week, it?s better to think that you can?t afford it by credit as well. Cash, and not your bank credit card, should always be your first payment option.

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