Business Brokers: When You Are Looking Sell Your Business in NYand NJ

Posted by Zuliana Dsouz on July 6th, 2016

Selling a business is one of those rare occasions that business owners generally only experience once in their life time. When you have come to the decision of selling your business, you should know that there a lot of financial ramifications to a business sale. That is why; you should get a fair business valuation done before going forward to do the sale. If you are looking to sell your business in New York or New Jersey, get in touch with a business broker, who can best represent you to secure the most profitable outcome.

Business brokers are professional sell-side intermediaries who specialize in procedures such as business sale management, mergers & acquisition and business valuation. When selling your business, it is the business sale management, along with business valuation that enables you to get the best deal possible. A business sale management is a seven-phase process that business brokers engage in to generate the most favorable sale price for the concerned party.

Phase I

In the first phase, brokers attempt to determine the worth of your business. It is only after identifying the true value of your business that you can look to move onto the next phase and eventually, approach buyers.

Phase II

This phase is all about understanding the market conditions. In a nutshell, buyers will be hesitant to buy firms if the industry you operate in is going through a slowdown. Additionally, slow economic conditions will also provide similar complications.

Phase III

If the market conditions are ideal for a business sale to go through, the business brokers can move on to formulating a sale strategy, and present your company and its financial information.

Phase IV

This phase is about identifying and qualifying buyers. Business Brokers look to identify other companies that would find your business appealing and would hence, pay a favorable price.

Phase V

In this phase, the brokers look to prepare a presentation and present your business to the qualified buyers. This will enable them to project a value that they deem is fair, and hence seek the “best price”.

Phase VI

This phase is all about negotiations. This step is perhaps the most vital of all; more often than not the buyers and sellers differ on what price is fair. Hence an able business broker will be able to secure a price that is in your best interests.

Phase VII

The final phase is about coordination of due diligence and legal processes. And once this is done, the business sale process is complete.

There is no denying the fact that selling your business is a time consuming process; and hence, you will look to get the best deal possible. Instead of going into this on your own and wondering, “How to sell your business,” hire a business broker who will handle it all for you in the most diligent way possible.

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