Importance of House Mold Inspection in Fort Myers and Naples, FL

Posted by Anthony Lenard on March 16th, 2023

Residing in a home that is conducive to health and happiness is essential. Investing in a new construction home that is designed for a single purchaser may not always be possible, but buying an old and depilated building is not a wise move, either. Such a property warrants extensive repairs and renovation to make it suitable for the new owner to move in. The fact of the house being overrun with molds and other pests is scary as well. The best recourse here would be to request professional house mold inspection in Fort Myers and Naples, FL, at the earliest.

Many homeowners argue that the molds are nowhere to be seen. Going through an extensive inspection will be a waste of time and money. Understanding that all molds may not be visible to the naked eye is essential. The tiny spores will surely be airborne and will enter the respiratory system without warning. That does not mean that such inspections must be carried out every month. Instead, experts advise getting the testing done in the following circumstances-

· Visible Mold- This reason is apparent enough. An inspection should be requested when the molds can be seen lurking in dark corners and inside damp spots such as bathrooms or inside the closet. Sure, not many would be familiar with the physical attributes and may not recognize them. It helps to remember that any blue, black, white, or yellow materials growing discretely in damp places spell trouble. One may get a musty whiff, or the odor may be absent. The right way to get rid of the menace is to arrange for an inspection right way and then opt for remediation if needed.

· Water Damage- Mold grows and thrives in warm areas, especially in extremely humid places. Suffering water damage enhances the risk of mold infestation, especially when the restoration is not done meticulously. Standing water inside the home does not always result from devastating floods or thunderstorms. Instead, one may encounter stagnant water inside the house after pipe bursts or the sewage overflows. Ankle or knee-deep water in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as a flooded basement or attic, increases the risk of mold infestation. It makes sense to request a mold inspection after the property has been restored.

· Unoccupied Home- There are many instances of properties being vacant for years. The homeowner who returns after several years wishing to settle in the area may get a rude shock. A home that is closed for multiple years tends to be infested with pests, including molds. Inspecting the property and ensuring mold remediation is done before moving in is always a good idea.

It is best to opt for mold testing in Tampa and Naples, FL, to identify the dangers associated with the types of molds discovered within the property. While professional inspection alerts the user about the presence of molds, a testing service includes checking the air and the surfaces inside the property.

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