5 Things You Need To Know For Hardcover Children's Book Printing

Posted by susu on March 20th, 2023

In order to meet the taste of consumption, many children's books are no longer simply printed books. They are all hardcover children's book printing, beautiful in appearance, practical and beautiful. Especially children's books must be designed to attract and keep children's attention. Different from traditional books, children's books have minimal text, rely on colorful pictures and illustrations to guide the story and stimulate imagination, and are deeply loved by consumers, so what should be paid attention to when printing hardcover children's books?

children's book printing

1) Cover

Children's books are often printed in full color on durable hard covers. The thick hard cover extends the life of the book and protects it from the rigors of frequent handling.

Vibrant full color is the best choice for a children's book cover because it grabs and holds attention. Additionally, casings are often available in high-gloss, matte, or soft-touch finishes. This laminated coating helps protect books from spills, stains, and scuffs.

2) Inside pages

Like the cover, the inside pages of a children's book should be printed in full color, but in subdued, near-natural colors. Also, choose the right printing paper carefully. Different books and periodicals have different requirements for paper. For book printing companies, children's books are the last to come into contact with children. Generally, the paper must be thick and have a certain hardness, otherwise it is easy to cut fingers. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the color and gloss of the paper, and whether the additives in paper production will affect children.

3) Process

Printing companies have high requirements for the production process of children's books. Some children's books are made into three-dimensional editions, and the scenes can be displayed after unfolding. Every time a child reads it is a wonder experience. The unique design impresses the children and pays attention to it. Concentrate on your book hobby. There are also some combined with the development of current technology. There are some different buttons on the page, the melody is combined with pictures and texts, and the sound can be recorded to create another world for children and let them have a different experience.

4) Size and orientation

Determining the physical size of a children's book is something you should research in the early stages of design. For example, 8.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 8.5" are common sizes.

Another consideration is whether the orientation of the book should be portrait, landscape or square. Portrait mode is when a book is taller than it is wide, with the spine running along the greater dimension. Landscape mode is when a book is shorter in height than it is wide, with the spine running along the shorter dimension. Of course, the width and height dimensions of a square book are exactly the same.

5) Order Quantity

Once a children's book is ready to print, determining how many copies to order will largely depend on the book's intended use and target audience.

Even if a book is planned for a wider audience—such as one that is going into commercial release—it can be beneficial to start with a smaller production run until the need for the book becomes more apparent.

A printer who can economically produce small runs of custom hardcover books -- say 100 or 500. This will allow you to market your book and develop outlets without taking too much capital up front. Then as sales climbed, the book could be bought in bulk to meet demand.

Printing companies consider bringing children's books to readers who are children. Children's world is simple and they are full of curiosity. Therefore, in every link, they must ensure green safety, health first, and pursue innovation without losing simplicity. And ensuring the quality of children picture book printing. BookPrintingChina can economically print your hardcover children's books, in full color, with durable laminate covers, in any size or orientation, and in production runs as low as 100 or 50 copies.

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