Quit Side Effects of Smoking but Not Smoking

Posted by Javi Carlo on July 6th, 2016

Smoking a pack of cigarettes along with a beer mug in hand is considered to be a ‘cool’ lifestyle. Youngsters nowadays are getting attracted towards the lifestyle of drinking and smoking just to fit properly in the high profile society. But have you ever wondered about the consequences of this filthy habit? What about the diseases that come along with the lifestyle? Often, people start smoking a small puff but sooner or later it becomes a habit which in turn brings diseases and ill health. Many people are nowadays eager to quit the habit of smoking but as said, once a person gets addicted it becomes impossible to quit. But technology along with determination and commitment can make anything possible.

Smoking has been accepted in our society as a deadly disease which is spreading like cancer and is hard to fight unless you are strong willed. E- Cigs are for those who earnestly want to quit and live a healthy and prosperous life. The electronic cigarettes are nothing but batteries and a chemical mixture in liquid form which, when heated produces vapour. These Personal vapours were patented in 1963 and are now used worldwide. Not only are these available in different types like 1st, 2nd , 3rd generations varying in the capacity, battery size and numbers but are also available in different flavours. Their usage has increased manifold since the past few years. Many people who are desperate to quit smoking are trying electronic cigarettes which are easily available online and come along with many flavoured E liquid like candy, chocolate, vanilla, mint and watermelon, etc.

Benefits of using E-cigarettes:

· It helps a chain smoker to quit smoking.

· It also decreases the level of tobacco consumption.

· One can enjoy a puff in pubs and bars where smoking is banned.

· It helps a person to gradually reduce the strength of daily consumption until he quits.

· There is no danger of any deadly disease to the smoker.

E-cigarettes basically contain e-liquids which are composed of glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and other flavouring products which are not very harmful to the body. These flavoured items and e-juices help a person to get rid of the craving and still feel the pleasure of a puff. Many websites offer a wide range of flavoured liquids and E-juice for sale, all a person needs to do is find the right website and choose the taste. So, for those who are looking for the best alternative to tobacco smoking, nothing works better than electronic cigarettes. One can buy electronic cigarettes online

as it is not easily available in various stores and departments. But, it is important to note that purchasing online must be done after considering various things such as:

· Check the price on various websites.

· Check the battery and flavours available.

· The quality and the brand of electronic cigarette.

So, take a step towards health by opting for these e-cigarettes.

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