Applying for a Personal Loan? Know the Parameters

Posted by Kaira Turner on March 22nd, 2023

Personal Loan is a key borrowing option for individuals looking for urgent funds. Lenders have different criteria for Personal Loans, but there are several factors that financial institutions consistently consider when reviewing applications, such as credit score and monthly salary. These are the parameters that determine your capability to take the loan amount. Read on to know more about Personal Loan parameters. 

Personal Loan Parameters

  • Credit Score

Among the crucial elements a lender takes into account while assessing a loan request is the borrower's credit score. It is used to determine your creditworthiness. The elements that determine a credit score, which ranges from 300 to 900, include the payment record, the outstanding debt amount, and the duration of the credit record. However, to qualify for most lending institutions, you must have a strong credit record. Remember,  a good credit score can help you get the lowest interest rate Personal Loan

  • Debt-to-Income (DTI)

The next thing considered is DTI. The proportion of a debtor's gross monthly income that goes towards the payment for debt per month helps determine the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. The DTI ratio helps lenders determine whether a potential borrower can return payments on both existing and new loans. The optimal DTI is, therefore, below 30%, while some lenders would accept applicants with a DTI of around 40%. 

  • Collateral Requirements

There is no collateral requirement to get a Personal Loan. The Personal Loan approval process is based on the applicant’s eligibility criteria. So, this makes these loans risk-free.

  • Processing Fees

The fee charged by the lending institution party to process a loan request is known as a loan processing fee. It is charged as a portion of the entire loan amount. Depending on variables, including the loan size and the individual's credit score, these costs often vary from 1% to 8% of the entire loan balance. Processing costs are usually deducted from the loan amount sanctioned by the lender. 

  • Income

Your income plays a great role in getting you  the lowest interest rate Personal Loan. Lenders have minimum income requirements to ensure a borrower has the ability to pay off the loan. Lenders have different basic wage criteria for different people depending on several factors. The applicant’s last three months’ salary slips or current year’s Form 16 from the company where you work are all acceptable forms of proof of income. 

An Increase in Individuals seeking a Personal Loan

The number of individuals seeking Personal Loans is rapidly increasing. These loans are given to those who want to pay for their own requirements. An applicant can apply for a Personal Loan online. It requires minimum paperwork and follows a simple process. The funds are disbursed straight into the applicant’s account so they can access them easily. These loans are available from a variety of financial organisations. However, the eligibility criteria may vary. Choose the provider that meets all of your requirements. While looking for a Personal Loan, you should also be mindful of your monthly income.


Most of these Personal Loan parameters are applicable to other types of loans too. However, some requirements may differ. The lender typically performs a credit history analysis at the time of prequalification. The entity may reject an application for a variety of factors. Reduce your liabilities if you can't eliminate them because liabilities are roadblocks on your path to obtaining a loan. 

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