7 Group therapy activities for eating disorders

Posted by Tim Tarks on March 22nd, 2023

Here are some gro up therapy activities that may be helpful for individuals with eating disorders:

  1. Meal planning and preparation: Work with the group to plan healthy and balanced meals, and provide cooking and meal preparation tips and techniques.
  2. Food journaling: Encourage participants to keep a food diary to track their eating habits and identify patterns and triggers that may contribute to disordered eating.
  3. Body image exploration: Discuss body image issues and provide activities that promote self-acceptance and positive body image, such as creating collages or artwork that celebrate diverse body types.
  4. Mindful eating: Teach the group mindfulness techniques to help them become more aware of their hunger and fullness cues, and practice eating slowly and mindfully.
  5. Challenging negative thoughts: Encourage participants to identify and challenge negative thoughts and beliefs that may contribute to disordered eating, and provide cognitive-behavioral strategies to help them reframe these thoughts in a more positive way.
  6. Group support and accountability: Foster a supportive and non-judgmental environment for group members to share their struggles, provide encouragement and support to one another, and hold each other accountable to their recovery goals.
  7. Physical activity and exercise: Provide information and resources on healthy and safe ways to incorporate physical activity into daily life, and encourage group members to engage in physical activity that feels enjoyable and sustainable for them.

Remember, recovery from an eating disorder is a complex and individualized process, and it's important to tailor group therapy activities to the specific needs and goals of the group members. Group therapy can benefit from eating disorder pdf worksheets, which will help facilitate different activities. It may also be helpful to incorporate individual therapy and other forms of support, such as nutrition counseling, into a comprehensive treatment plan.

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