Home Tools and Building Materials in Kenya Surging

Posted by PARTIK on July 7th, 2016

Kenya’s household tools market is noted for its brand conscious nature. That is why “Black and Decker” tools are more recognized and there is no grey market for counterfeit tools.

The tool maker Black & Decker is famous for their range of products in quality woodworking tools. Everybody will remember the very common Black & Decker power tools that were available in any workshop like the Black & Decker power drill or the so called circular saw.

Today, the tools market has expanded and the company is selling a wider range of power tools for woodworkers. The unique array of tools includes belt sanders, cordless tools and palm sanders and many others.

To the question why Black and Decker Kenya is thriving, the answer is that the power tools are of a high quality and are wanted by a wide range of customers.

The brand recognition of Black & Decker is expanded further by the Black & Decker toy tools that were introduced for school children.

Black & Decker home tools are offered in various price points and have features like manufacturer's warranty that is double of what other brands are offering.

Made with innovative front roller, the sander allows reaching the tightest corners and is very versatile. The retractable handles can be adjusted to different positions and make its usage comfortable from any angle.

To increase visibility, the dust collector removes dust and prevents scratching.

Most Kenyan users vouch that Black & Decker tools are their favorite choice of house hold tools.

The two year warranty gives a certainty to the investment. When compared to other competitors, this brand is a great choice in terms of price and longevity.

For residential customers as well as small business owners, Black & Decker is extremely focused. Black and Decker provide everything needed to get the work done.

Building materials Kenya has evolved from the traditional bricks, concrete, mortar and wood materials.

The rising application of liquid granite in place of cement helps to withstand higher temperatures. It has five times more endurance in high temperatures than normal cement.

Made of recycled industrial waste and a hardening agent it allows curing like ordinary cement. For various applications different aggregates can be added to form materials like mortar and concrete.
According to market research, by 2020, Kenya’s building materials market will surge fifty percent and there will be a huge reduction in carbon footprint.

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