How to Use a Block Style Business Letter

Posted by sharnya on March 27th, 2023

How to Use a Block Style Business Letter

Using a block style business letter is a great way to make your document stand out. Whether you use it to get a job or simply write a thank you note, it is important to get it right. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Complimentary Closing

Choosing the proper complimentary closing in block style business letters can help you end your letter on a professional note. Whether you are writing a letter to a business associate, cover letter, or just a simple thank you note, it's important to select the right closing.

A complimentary closing is a short remark, usually one or two words, that's placed at the end of a letter. It's a common practice to include a comma after the closing.

The complimentary close is usually placed in the same column as the date. It's often positioned flush left on the page, but it's possible to position it elsewhere. In formal letters, it's typically a comma followed by the name of the person who wrote the letter.

The comma after the closing is important because it indicates that you are aware of the fact that a recipient may have seen or read your letter before. This can help you avoid an incorrect response.


Using the block style of writing a business letter is a great way to ensure that the content of your letter is clear and professional. The format will also help ensure that the recipient understands your purpose and intentions.

The block style of writing is one of the most commonly used styles of business letters. The format is easy to follow and is effective at conveying formality. It also allows for the reader to see the entire content of your letter at a glance. The format also streamlines the document alignment.

The block format is a minimalist design that makes it easy to read. It is also a fairly simple format that uses left justified lines and double spaces.

When using the block style, it is recommended that you use the Times New Roman font. This font gives the letter a clean, professional look. You may also want to choose a font with serifs, which give it a smooth, professional look on the page.


Whether you are writing a formal or informal letter, the salutation in a block style business letter will help set the tone of your letter. A good salutation will show that you know business etiquette. It can also help you get the attention of a potential employer.

Typically, the salutation in a business letter starts with the word "Dear" followed by the reader's last name. If the person's last name is unknown, you can omit the last name. In this case, you can use the generic term "Dear Person's name" or "Dear co-worker".

The salutation in a block style business letter should be single spaced and left justified. The salutation may end with a colon or no punctuation.

If you are writing a letter to a friend, a colleague, or someone outside of your company, you should use a formal salutation. This is the correct way to address someone in a business letter. You should never use "To Whom It May Concern" or "To Whom It May Concerns". These phrases are unprofessional and may come across as rude. If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, you can ask him or her. Or you can look up the name on the company's website or Google.


Whether you are writing a letter for work or personal use, punctuation is important. Correct punctuation signals your professionalism and attention to detail. Using improper punctuation can affect the credibility and success of your letters, which can affect your employment.

Most people prefer the block format of business letter. This format is typed with one inch margins all around. The first paragraph is a friendly introduction. The second paragraph should include a statement of the main point. The third paragraph should include supporting details. The fourth paragraph should explain the background of the letter.

If your letter needs to be efficient, you can use the semi-block format. This format is similar to the modified block style, except that you indent paragraphs by 3-4 spaces. You can also use this format if you do not want to use Oxford commas.

Using a business letter template

Using a Block Style Business Letter template is a great way to save time and effort when writing a business letter. Using the template can make the formatting of your letter more professional and straightforward.

In the block format, all of the text is left justified, with one inch margins all around the page. The letter is usually typed in 12-point font. This is perfect for business letters and resumes.

In the standard format, the first line of the body contains the recipient's name and address. The second line contains the statement of the main point. The third paragraph supports the point by stating that the main point is important and the fourth paragraph explains the point further.

The last paragraph should include the call to action. It should also be left justified.


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