How to solve common sewage pumping station issues

Posted by Dardy Lacy on March 28th, 2023

A sewage pumping stationis comprised of a network of pipes that move the waste from a property to the municipal sewer system. Normally, this happens through the force of gravity as the waste moves down into the sewer system. However, when the property sits on low ground and the main sewer system is higher than it, the method will not work and this is where a pumping station comes in.

The definition of a sewage pumping station

There is a difference between the usual sewage system and having a pumping station. The difference is that a pumping station has a wet well that acts as a receiver for the sewage. It is usually located lower than the house so any waste flows into it due to gravity. 

Once the sewage gets into the well, it stays there until it reaches a certain level where a pump kicks in allowing the sewage to travel uphill, out of the well until it gets to a point where it travels to the main sewer system on its own.

By nature, no matter how good a pumping system is, problems can happen to reduce the chances of something bad happening. It is, therefore, important to do regular checks. However, it is good to be aware of some common issues that could come up so that you know things to look for.

Backing up of toilets

While the right pumps from a water solutions company reduce the risk of blockages, there is potential for them to happen. Oils, fats or other waxy deposits that get flushed down the drain can harden and solidify, clogging up the pumping chambers. When this happens, nothing will get through, causing the toilets to back up. Usually, you will smell sewage before the toilets back up. If you smell sewage, it is best to call a professional.

The sewage pump not turning on

This issue can be caused by a wide range of things including dirt and debris jamming the impeller, the sewage pump not getting enough power, a blockage in the pump that can mess up the electrics of the pump and so on.

The pump not turning off

This is another issue that will be due to the control float switch. It can sometimes get stuck in the wrong position and cause the pump to stay on. If there is any unusual spike in your power bills, it could be a sign that your pump isn’t turning off.

Broken pipes

Mould problems, toilet backing, foundation cracks and slow drains are signs of broken pipes. If you see signs that your pipework may be broken then it is best to contact a professional because if you do not catch it in its early stages, it will be expensive to repair. Routine maintenance checks will help you avoid such problems as they can spot issues before it gets worse.

Alarm sounding

When your sewage pumping station is fitted with an alarm, it should sound when it detects a problem. You should contact a professional if you hear the alarm to reduce the risks of problems.

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