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Posted by Brian Miller on July 7th, 2016

Personalized pens are a cheap and unique way of advertising. Customers feel happy when they receive gifts. Promotional pens can actually help your business prosper in much less time. That’s why, they are used by most business owners all over the world nowadays.

The best thing about pens is that they can be gifted to the existing, as well as all your potential new customers, as they are not expensive at all. There are so many companies that manufacture top quality personalized pens at much less rates. You can purchase them in bulk bringing the price down even more. A pen is a small gift in size, yet it is actually a very nice & well received gift that everyone can use. Let’s face it everyone loves to get gifts no matter how big or small it is and pens can actually serve the purpose really well.

Personalized pens are used for so many purposes. The most common purpose is for promotional purposes, as a form of advertisement in order to get your business or service attention in hopes of  getting more new customers. When a gifted pen is taken out, people around the person using it will notice that the pen has something written on it and it attracts their attention. Business owners can have the name of their shop, brands or URL or address printed or laser engraved on these pens. You can also put the phone number of your business if you want. Personalized pens are also being used as an alternative to the standard business cards.

Creating personalized pens is not a difficult task. You can even get it done all by yourself. All you need to do is find a website that has a pen you like and decide what you’d like to customize it with in addition to your company name and or logo. Many companies put the businesses name, phone number and URL on their giveaway pens. There are also some pens with stock backgrounds you can choose from to add your information to for your personalized pens. You can go this route if you find them suitable. Although you can get it done yourself, it would be good if you find a site that offers free professional advice and services. The professionals will get the work done for you with perfection. Don’t forget to order a proof if it’s not standard to get one, it’s your chance to check the spelling, punctuation and layout and make changes if you so desire to. Also, you never know there may be a typo or some other error. It’s always better safe than sorry & once they’re printed there’s no changing them. So do get a proof, it is worth the extra 24-48 hours it adds to the production time.

Personalized pens come in many sizes, designs, colors or shapes. The more unique the pen is, the more recognizable it makes you company and this is an attractive trait for a promo item. Therefore, it is necessary for you to take a little time to pick the best pens in the right size and shape according to the nature of your business. You can choose any material for the promotional pens. The most common materials are plastic, metal and wood. There are some pens that are made up of all these three materials. You can also go for any type of pen you want. The most common pens are ballpoint pens, stylus pens, gel pens. Metal and Rosewood pens can be laser engraved which makes your imprint last forever. These are very popular corporate gifts or employee incentives, as they’re a bit pricier. All these things should be chosen according to the nature of your business and marketing purpose. For example, if you are running a wood furniture company, choosing Rosewood barrel pen would be the best option.

There are a number of companies offering their services for you in your locality. You can go for a company that is experienced and well reputed. At the end, it is not only about the gift but also about the value and respect you will give to your customers.

Promotional pens are being used today by many business owners. Contact the well-reputed companies in your locality in order to know more about promotional and personalized pens.

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