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Posted by accolac99 on July 8th, 2016

My aims for this cavalcade are not to advance above automated changes or things that will accord players advantages (as those accept already been discussed in abundant detail), but rather things that adeptness accomplish the bang-up added user-friendly.

  1) Due to the bang-up getting so tall RuneScape gold, it's generally harder to get a feel for if he's about to do a appropriate adeptness if you're on a rs 07 gold computer with a abate screen. My advancement is to accept the appropriate advance adeptness prompts (e.g., "Gielinor, accord me strength" and "Hold still, invader" ) to appearance up in the babble logs, agnate to how QBD does with her prompts. I don't feel that this is absurd but it adeptness akin the arena acreage for those with abate monitors or laptops.

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  2) Telos will sometimes deathwatch up for the action but again go abeyant again. I'd acclaim acclimation that somehow though, as I lose a bit of time on auras/pots/scrims that way, as I tend to actuate those things afore I access him.

  3) Phase-specific convenance mode. That is, you access convenance access and baddest "phase 1 only", "Phase 2 only", etc. or "Play the absolute fight", and aswell acquiesce players to custom set the enrage agency for that phase. This will accord the befalling to do what practice-mode was created for: to convenance acquirements the mechanics bare for a acknowledged kill.

  4) A phase-specific bloom bar (or "HP to the next phase", if you prefer).Due to the actuality that Telos's absolute bloom increases forth with added enrage, I acquisition it actual difficult to accumulate clue of how abundant bloom larboard in a assertive appearance he has left. This is decidedly ambiguous if you wish to end a appearance with as abundant adrenaline as accessible but don't apperceive how abundant HP is actual in the phase.

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