Credit Card Debt Eliminators, Are They For Real?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

If you have excessive credit card debt, then you have probably not only seen the ads but been tempted to look into them. These are the ads that say you can terminate and wipe out your credit card debt legally. Before you buy into these companies, there is some information you should have that will probably help you to steer clear of such advertised services.

These credit card debt elimination companies will tell you some things that are not entire true. For instance, many of them will claim that your credit card debt is the responsibility of your bank. They will tell you that when your credit was established and the limit on the card set, that the supporting bank was taking responsibility for the debts in much the same way as a co-signer would on any other loan. They will tell you that the credit card company may call you or even report you to a debt collector, but that they will not sue you for the amount. The problem with their theory is that if it were true, wouldn?t most people solve the problem of credit card debt by just not paying? Also, why would the banks even take the gamble on the cards with the huge risk out there that you won?t pay them?

Another way these companies will draw you in is by claiming that you can erase credit card debt through the use of hidden or obscure laws. They will tell you that they understand certain loopholes that protect you from having to pay the banks that you?re your credit. In the end, though, they are not willing to make any guarantees, so the process of credit card debt elimination starts to sound a little less credible.

However, if you get that far and still haven?t hung up on them, these credit card debt elimination companies will hit you with the big one: a program they want you to buy. Now, the program will supposedly be sure-fire, but they are also going to want their money up front (perhaps in case the sure fire debt eliminator isn?t so sure fire). So they will tell you that it doesn?t cost anything, except for what you are paying them for all of this top secret information they have.

So before you consider getting rid of your credit card debt through one of these debt elimination companies, take some time to educate yourself and to think about what they are telling you. For one, wouldn?t you think that most lawyers would be aware of these loop holes? If so, then you would probably save money by talking to your attorney first in a consultation. Also, would credit card companies be so prevalent if it was so easy to get out of what you owe on your cards? Probably not, since they are absolutely counting on you to make any money at all. The thing to remember is that if something sounds too good to be true, then there is a good chance that it is. That goes for debt elimination as much as it does for any other scam you see out there. So, before you go forward with anything that is going to affect your finances, you may want to take some time to ask a lot of questions, research for yourself, and make sure you are completely comfortable with the entire process.

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