FIFA 17: Review on Ryan Giggs

Posted by supodum on July 8th, 2016

The man is a monster. I decided to make a review on him, since he's lighting it up for me in Division 1 and 2. Trust me, you will need fifa coins after you read this.

(I use him as a 7 Chem striker)

Pace (90): Giggs is one of those players who just feel quick in everything they do. For me, he can outpace players like Alaba or Dani Alves with ease, and even Jordi Alba struggles to catch up with him. I have Bale on the right side of Giggs, and honestly Giggs feels way faster.

Dribbling (88): Giggs' dribbling is probably the best thing about him. His dribbling feels like a mix of Di Maria and Aguero, and his little movements he does when dribbling really helps to throw off defenders.

Shooting (78): When I first bought Giggs, the thing I was most worried about was his shooting. His finishing and long shot stats aren't great, and as I am playing him at striker, I need a reliable finisher. I put the Finisher Chem style on him right away to improve his shooting and I have never had too many problems with his finishing. He has amazing curve so a left footed finesse will always go in. He's no Ronaldo or Van Basten, but he gets the job done.

Defending (41): He does track back from time to time, but he's obviously not a good defender.

Passing (87): His passing is great. Over the top balls, short passes, through balls everything that involves passing he excels at. I don't have many assists with him because he plays striker for me but when he does get on the wings, his crosses are amazingly accurate.

Physical (67): Giggs is very weak, if he gets caught up by a defender he will most likely lose the ball. Luckily, his pace and dribbling means defenders are rarely able to take the ball off him. His stamina is pretty good and he usually can keep running the whole 90 minutes.

All in all: Ryan Giggs is a great player. I bought him for 280k and I don't regret it at all. His 2 star weak foot is bad from long range, but inside the box he can usually score with his weak foot. For me 3 star skills aren't a problem, though they might be for other people and his dribbling is enough to get me out of situations where I might need to skill. If you have the fifa coins, buy him. He's great at LW, RW, Striker or CAM.

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