How To Take Care Of Dementia And Alzheimer Patients At Home?

Posted by Health Heal on April 1st, 2023

Dementia and Alzheimer's the memory illness diseases that have been observed mainly in the older people. With age, older people naturally tend to forget many small things, and with time they also tend to forget bigger things. Dementia and Alzheimer's are both diseases related to loss of memory due to age or some other factors. Dementia is more common among older people. This has been generally observed due to the period. They tend to forget small things, like some things related to daily life. On the other hand, Alzheimer's is more serious and more extensive. Alzheimer's patients tend to forget even their family members names if they had their lunch or not, and many such things.

Alzheimer's patients can also go alone from home and forget the directions to their homes. In this blog, we will understand Dementia and Alzheimer's care that needs to be taken by everyone for the sake of the patient. They are as follows-

1) Comfort the patient-

The first and most important tip for taking care of Dementia and Alzheimer's patient is to let them know that they will always have support. Ensure to comfort them in this situation, so they don't lose hope. Inspire and motivate them to lead their life in a significant way.

2) Schedule Timetable for the patient-

Dementia and Alzheimer care should be taken by making one timetable of the daily tasks and routine of the patient. Creating a schedule for the whole day will help the caretakers as well as the patients to see it. Timetable will ensure that you don't forget the time of any tasks or even of taking medicines. The patient will also not forget anything.

3) Safety care-

Dementia and Alzheimer's patient may go out of the home and tend to forget the direction for coming back home. Hence, proper Dementia, Alzheimer, Palliative, Companionship care services should be taken of the house by setting suitable locks, and windows should be enclosed suitably.

3) Organizing everything properly-

All the essential and daily things of the patient should be kept in order so that they can find them easily. Organize the clothes, wallet, and towels in the room so that even if someone is not there, the patient can find their own things.

4) Involve the patient-

Involve the patient as much as possible in the process but do not drain them by making them do lots of chores. Make them understand that they are capable of doing a lot more than they can think. Tell them that their life won't stop due to this disease.

5) Set the proper temperatures of water heating tools-

The temperatures of the heating tools in the bathroom should be appropriately set so that the patients don't burn themselves if they might forget about the same.

6) Dont let them sleep too much-

The patients should not sleep too much. This can make their brain slower, and they might start feeling lazy. Make sure to keep their brain active for a speedy recovery.

Above mentioned dementia, alzheimer, companionship & palliative care should be taken correctly for a speedy recovery of the patient.

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