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Posted by Health Heal on April 5th, 2023

In India, there are many old age people, people with disability, and people with other diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's. All of these create problems in their daily routine and life. They cannot live normally, and everyone becomes a challenge for them. Family members consult many doctors and give them proper treatment, but sometimes only treatments and medicines don't help. What they need to recover fast is some personal care and attention that will make them feel comfortable, and they can also speak up about their problems. Personal care services are given by many hospitals that wish to bring a good life to their patients and also help them recover mentally as well as physically from the illness that they are suffering from. This blog will discuss all personal care services, what they are included, and why they are essential.

The following are some of the personal care services that Hospitals have offered-

1) Personal Care-

Old age people suffer from some illness that requires a lot of Care and attention. They are not even able to do their chores properly. Family members often go out for work and always need someone for assistance. Here personal services are given by the professionals, like taking them outside of the home for a walk, making them food, helping them while getting up, and much more.

2) Giving Company-

Older people are alone at home due to circumstances like their children going out for work; some don't live with them. They are all alone at home, which makes them depressed and sad. They need someone with whom they can share things and get a company. Hospitals appoint professional caretakers who give good Company to old age people. They stay with them all day, help them with all the daily activities, and keep them accompanied, so they don't feel alone.

3) Alzheimer's and dementia care-

Alzheimer's and dementia make the patient forget about things and people. Someone needs to be with them constantly throughout the day to make them remember things and even help them out. Memory loss happens to them, which makes them forget their names also. Caretaker helps them to manage their daily schedule and also to make sure that they don't go anywhere alone.

4) Disability care-

Due to unfortunate incidences or uncertain situations, some people have a disability of some body part. They might be unable to walk correctly, or sometimes their hands might not be there due to accidents. In this case, Palliative care for elderly, Dementia and Alzheimer Care, Companionship services have been given to them, like helping them take a bath, helping them go outside, and much more.

Hospitals give personal care services to professionals trained to manage such situations effectively. The staff is amiable and helps the patient in all cases. The services can also be customized as per the patient's budget, which is quite remarkable. They should indeed adopt personal care services to make their life easier. This article helps the one considering opting for personal care services.

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